Dear Internet Episode 36: Dump Truck Ass

By Nick on

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Dear Internet,

This week we are talking about Power of attorney, how to get the perfect dump truck ass, and tricking your dumb family into giving you money. It’s the perfect episode.

Stay gold,


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One comment

  1. It is my pleasure to be able to provide a definitive answer to one of these questions.

    I hiked the PCT in 2017, and in the month before the trip I was really nervous, stress-ate a lot and got too fat for my hiking pants. The waist was too tight and I had to buy a new pair.

    After a few hundred miles in the desert the new pants got really saggy, so I had my old ones mailed to me at a town around mile 400. The waist fit great but my pants could no longer contain my DUMP TRUCK ASS. All my friends laughed at me and I had to mail the pants back home.

    Sadly, at a certain point of long-distance hiking your body will devour anything that is not calf or quad. You will not complete the Pacific Crest Trail with massive glutes.

    Thank you for the laughs.

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