Dear Internet Episode 58: Extra Pith Please

By Nick on

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Dear Internet,

On this weeks show, we talk about knitting group drama, eating your family out of house and home, and how to eat an orange.

Stay gold,


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The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Jennifer Cheek, Michael DiMauro, and Tim Lanning!

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  1. Hey hey Jennifer!

    I am a life-long crocheter, so I know that we are sometimes treated as inferior by the knitting world (so many knitting books as compared to crochet. And the yarn shop down the street from me always remarks on how I am the only crocheter they know – with more than a little condescension).
    But I want you know that crochet can be done just as tight as knit – look at delicate crocheted lace, especially Irish lace – and there are stitches that can be done in crochet that can’t be done in knit, although I admit that I have yet to find a cable stitch for crochet that looks anything like a real knit cable stitch.
    And crochet cannot be reproduced by machine, where knitting had been for years.

    And in defense of acrylic yarn, I use it almost exclusively for stuffed animals, since natural fibers are more likely to cause allergic reactions, and I hate the idea of little kids with hives.
    (Well, I hate the idea of little kids, end of sentence, but that is another story) For many things I love using cotton, mohair, or bamboo, but you will need to pry my acrylic/synthetic yarns from my cold dead hands.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great day – love listening to you keep those guys in their place.

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