Dear Internet Episode 63: Sexy Potatoes

By Nick on

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Dear Internet,

On this weeks show, we talk about ghosts in the bathroom, singing the national anthem, and sexy potatoes

Stay gold,


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One comment

  1. I appreciate the darker questions like the eminem-wannabe psycho and the racist coworker from the sexy potato episode.  Some of the Cthulhu-esque horrors of the world/internet are so far beyond anything I can imagine/relate to, I don’t know how to think or feel.  It helps to hear you all work thru the issues out loud, to keep the dialogue open, to keep reminding us that the problems aren’t solved yet.  And, I think, it helps alot that even tho some issues are so painful, you still find a way to laugh thru them.  

    I thank you all for everything you do.  Every decision you make it right and just.

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