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  1. Best Got Podcast ever! Instead of complaining about the episodes (like some other podcasts) you provide a hilarious summary of the episode while connecting it to the book! Keep riding that donkey and we’ll continue following behind you!

  2. After trying several podcasts, I discovered you guys. I get my GoT fix, and get plenty of laughs on the side. Great Work!

  3. Love the podcast guys, tremendous work…BUT: I just donated via paypal and never got the link to the donor-only episodes. Any chance you guys can re-send that?

  4. Thanks for the podcast and enjoy the much-deserved donation, you guys are one of the few GoT podcasts that isn’t plagued by insufferable formality and are genuinely funny. This, coupled with charming and interesting personalities, as well as of course the usual GoT talk -makes for a great cast.

    Bit of a random side-question – I saw on the ‘About’ page that Madame Cheek went to Harvard which is some pretty cool shit as I’m an aspiring kiddo myself, and I was curious as to what you studied and whether you found it to be a fulfilling experience or not?
    Unless of course this degree is akin to Lanning’s ‘Professor of Bus Driving’ in which case I look like a bit of an asshat..

    Anywho, thanks for the free shit, love you guys.

  5. Absolutely the best Game of Thrones podcast available by far! I highly enjoy listening to every cast and this is the only podcast I could actually see myself re-listening to! All the cast is great and I really enjoy the banter and humor mixed into the commentary. I’d love to have beers with you all and talk about all things in the nerdosphere. Keep the episodes coming please!

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