Downton Abbey Recap S5E7: Nooooo Isis

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I got too many feels from this episode and I am not even ready to talk about it.  I CAN’T EVEN.  But I guess I will.  Will you be my crying shoulder?

The episode opens on a railway platform, where Violet is waiting for her daughter, Rosamund.  They know Edith is in London (because the ticket master done snitched), and Violet wants to tell Cora.  When Rosamund asks whether they would also be informing Robert, we get Violet’s first zinger – He’s a man.  Men don’t have rights.  Call 911 for that sick burn.  They try to get Cora away for a walk alone (all the while Mary doesn’t understand what the song and dance is about.  SMH.) but Mrs. Drewe turns up to talk to her.  Robert offers to go for a walk with them instead and Violet is all “wtf, why would I want to walk with you?”  When they FINALLY get Cora alone in her dressing room before dinner, Cora is maaaaddddddddd and rightfully so.  So mad that Violet and Rosamund both look scared.  They’re like “all we said was lets go to Switzerland to abort the baby and when that didn’t work, to send her off to school, also in Switzerland.  We don’t know why Edith would leave!”  Also, side note: great casting job because Dame Maggie Smith and Samantha Bond look like they could be mother and daughter IRL.  Cora agrees on not telling Robert since its Edith’s secret but she is mad regardless.

While all this is going on, Tony, Charles, and Mabel go for a walk in the gardens to get away with the craziness in the great house.  Mabel cuts the walk short to go change for dinner and Charles asks Tony why he doesn’t just get with Mabel.  Stop trying to make Mary happen…its never going to happen.  Tony, not so subtly, says that he can’t let go of Mary, “especially not now.”  We all know you are talking about when you all had sex.  Such tact.  Later, Tony FINALLY gets the hint when he sees Charles and Mary kissing – a plan concocted by Charles.  But now, Charles if off to Poland.  Doesn’t Mary see that the man she has been looking for has been right in front of her the whole time?


The dinner is hosting Atticus’ parents and Lord Merton.  His mother seems nice enough but her father seems a bit gruff.  He asks Cora about growing up in a divided faith household.  At dinner, Isobel announces that she and Lord Merton are to marry and everyone is happy, except Violet looks a little miffed, which Mary picks up on.  When Mary asks Violet later if she’s sad because her protege’s position in the county and society will now change, Violet tells her that she’s sad because she’s losing her companion.  *SOB*.  Violet has another zinger, to Mary this time who is uncaring about Edith being gone: Lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.  Mary needs to apply some aloe vera on that burn.

Atticus suggests that they should probably see if Edith has been to the publishing company that Michael left her.  WHAT A SMART GUY – exclaims Rose.  Really, they hadn’t thought about this? Really?  They go to the publishing company and who do they find – EDITH!  They convince her to come back because Cora has a plan.  They’re going to act like Mrs. Drewe can’t afford raising Marigold, and since Edith took a shine to the girl, she has decided to raise her.  Mr. Drewe is to meet them at the train station and take the child and bring her up to the house later.  Only, Mary happens to be at the train station and they have to hurriedly try to figure something out.  Mr. Drewe goes to the next station with Marigold, but Anna totally saw it all!  Wonder what this will bring for the future episodes.


Here’s where the feels come in.  I have two dogs and I cannot handle dogs dying in movies, tv shows, books, etc.  Well, turns out Isis has cancer.  Tears.  Can’t handle.  The whole time Robert is doting over Isis, Edith is trying to convince her family that her taking on Marigold is a splendid plan – none of them agree.  In the end, Robert is just like “OMG let me be with my dying dog.  Go adopt whoever you want.  IDGAF.”  WAAAAAAH.  Why do dogs have to die?  What about that scene later where Robert wants to sleep in his study with Isis but Cora tells him to lay Isis between them so she can die next to two people who loved her?  I’m crying right now.  Can’t deal.

They have another dinner to introduce Isobel to Lord Merton’s sons, who turn out to be MAJOR DOUCHES.  We’ve met Larry before – he’s the one that drugged Tom because he was a chauffeur and Larry just ain’t having that.  Now, Larry is all Isobel is of common birth trying to take the place of my momma; this family is eccentric with letting chauffeurs in the family and now a Jew.  WTF.  What is this dude’s problem?  Tom calls him the B-word (rhymes with ass-turd which is what this dude is) and Lord Merton and Robert tell him to GTFO.  And the younger son turns to Isobel and says “what, did you expect to be welcomed with open arms?”  Um yes because you all are supposed to be civilized people.  Lord Merton later apologizes and says they take after their mother, which means their mother must have been a  giant douche also.

Shorter notes/thoughts:

  • Baxter tries to apologize to Bates and Anna but they ain’t having it.  She even tells them that she will say she saw the ticket as whole.  Nope.  Thomas tells Baxter to just tell Bates and Anna why she HAD to talk to the police, but she refuses.
  • Thomas is being nice to Baxter because she was nice to him.  I wish he would just be nice to be nice.
  • Spratt is hilarious.
  • Daisy is getting frustrated and disillusioned and wants to stop studying.  Mrs. Patmore and Molesley get Mr. Mason to encourage Daisy to keep at it.
  • Rose is getting married y’all.  Wonder what her mother will have to say about her impending nuptials.






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