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Mike Bachmann – Thom Vidalis
thom Thom’s full name is Thom Vidalis. Played by Mike Bachmann Thom the Dragonborn is a half-assed demon-spawn warlord with a tenacious lust for battle, always ready to throw around his intimidate score at a moment’s notice. Of all the party members, he is the least interested in peaceful resolution, instead constantly searching for the most direct path to fights, drinks, and women, in that order. If he can get all at the same time, that would be the ultimate. He is the only known practitioner of “Tantric Death“, the process of getting as close to 1 HP as possible without going under. Thom’s anatomy is discussed more than any other party member’s. Thom is also revealed to be Quantum-sexual.

Thom loves to collect body parts and store them for some unknown future use.

Thom was a tad reluctant to stick with the party at first but they have provided him a steady stream of blood to satiate his appetite.


Jennifer Cheek – Aludra Wyrmsbane

aludraAludra’s full name is Aludra Wyrmsbane and she hails from a family of dwarven miners somewhere in the Razortooth Mountains. Aludra always wanted to be an adventurer but her parents forced her into the mining business. On an expedition with her brother Alandar Wyrmsbane they accidentaly broke into The Crypt of Sinu the Red. The entire expedition was slaughtered except for Aludra and she took this chance to run off and be the adventurer she always wanted to be. An undetermined amount of time after this she was picked up in Caer by Thokas and brought to Shadowspar Keep.


Michael DiMauro – The Dungeon Master

dm Michael was also drawn to Dungeons and Dragons, even as a small boy growing up in rural New Jersey. Michael and his best friend would pour over manuals filled with monsters and handbooks filled with players. Michael failed to start campaigns in all levels of life (high school, college and post-college semi-professional leagues). He finally stuck pay-dirt when he unearthed his old DnD books from his parents’ attic and tweeted a photo of them.

“Hey, let’s play some DnD, and record it as a podcast” twitter said to him.

“Sure” he responded.

Follow Michael on Twitter @thriftynerd.

Nika Howard – Jaela

nicoleJaela is a Deva Avenger that joins the party in Pelor’s Hope in Episode 81 – The Live Show. She is from a city called Yangahr in the far east, not even on the same continent that we know. She is an Adherant of Erathis, sent to the party after they fucked up real hard and accidentally caused the demon apocalypse.

As a Deva, Jaela has regenerated countless times, remembering parts of each past life every time she is reborn. Her current body is only about 3 weeks old when we meet her.

Tim Lanning – Lord Titus Harper

harperHarper’s backstory is often hinted at in angsty brooding but very little is known. We know that his father is Lord Anthony Harper and that he is from Pelor’s Hope. Harper has mentioned he has a mother so it’s totally canon forever now. Harper is also quick to remind everybody that he is known as “The Blazing Hand” but then refuses to explain what that means. Harper tried to escape his oft mentioned dark past by becoming a simple boatman.


  1. So in my job community we are the nerds often assumed to be sitting in a basement somewhere playing an intricate card game about magic or dressed up as characters from the lord of th rings with dice and the utmost amount of nerdiness. I felt really out of place because I did not fit this role at all but somehow I stumbled upon this podcast on spotify…. I am currently on episode 25 and it has awakened something inside of me and I have found myself trying to join a 3.5 campaign Haha thank you guys for introducing me to this world and inspiring me to embrace my role as the basement dwelling rice rolling nerd. Keep it dicey

  2. Michael, I was just listening to the first couple podcasts and your voices sounds just like John Krasinki aka “Jim Halpert” from the office! Am I the only one that has every said that?

  3. listening ,from the beginning , as i work. outside 10-14 hours a day all alone. just finished listening to episode 62. honestly love everything you all do. almost fell off the truck today i laughed so hard. keep up the great work. i can’t believe it was only 3 weeks ago spottify told me you existed. i don’t know what i’ll do when i catch up. 777777777777777777777777777777 777777777777777777777777777777 777777777777777777777777777777

  4. I have binged this amazing podcast for the last threeish weeks. On episode 101. Harper needs to calm down (love you still).
    If we could figure out a way for Nika to read me to sleep every night, that would be great.
    Also, hey from Canada!

  5. Keep up the great work guys! I started on Episode 167 – what an amazing podcast. My wife and I listen to you EVERYDAY and you’ve got us rolling. Love it.

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