Episode 136 – To Tempt Fate

By Tim Lanning on

About Tim Lanning

Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.



This episode is a little weird because, well, we have to really struggle with the potential chaos our actions may or may not cause. Normally, we just kinda run with it and favor short term “plans” that most likely will not bite us in the bum down the road. Not so this week as we stare down the barrel of a decision gun. Do we do something daring, bold and incredibly reckless? Or do we choose the path that will take us to even more adventures? It is not always easy. Adventuring is hard a lot of the time.

The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our editor Steph Kingston (@stephokingston)!

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  1. Oh man that final decision was stressful. The fate of Mastwick (and possibly the PCs since Pyre said he would hunt them down and kill them if they didn’t) hanging in the balance…

  2. I got distracted 15min into the episode reading the dnd 5e rulebooks, usually when this happens i notice near the end of the episode that i have no idea what happened and i restart. This time when i realized it you guys were still having the exact same conversation one hour before. So i didn’t rewind.
    Don’t hate me, you literally did nothing the entire episode.

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