Episode 15 – A Pirate’s Life for Me

By Tim Lanning on

About Tim Lanning

Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.


Your heroes are one step closer to finding the answers they seek in the city of Caer. First they have to gain passage with the infamous pirate Hookbeard. Will the gang have to jeopardize their already shaky morals to reach Caer? Find out in this weeks Drunks and Dragons!

The adventure continues with Tum Darkblade (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Junpei Iori (Steven Strom), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).

Drunks and Dragons is a weekly podcast using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. Please let us know what you think!

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The lovely folks at Wizards of the Coast have provided us with a copy of Heroes of the Elemental Chaos to give away! Just write a review on iTunes and paste it into the comments thread on this post to enter. Must be in the US (sorry!). Pro-tip, copy the review before you submit it, they tend to disappear in the iTunes system for about a day.



Screens from this week’s adventure to assist with your theater of the mind:

Dungeons and dragons, battle, d20, dungeon tiles, Tabletop forge, halfling, dragonborn, dwarf, dnd, rogue, dice, 4th edition, 4E






Dungeons and dragons, battle, d20, dungeon tiles, Tabletop forge, halfling, dragonborn, dwarf, dnd, rogue, dice, 4th edition, 4E









Dungeons and dragons, battle, d20, dungeon tiles, Tabletop forge, halfling, dragonborn, dwarf, dnd, rogue, dice, 4th edition, 4E




  1. Fear the Thom Dragonborn!!
    Sexy, funny, outrageous, and foul! A wonderful real play D&D podcast!! You got my friends and I into D&D thank you and keep the episodes coming!!!

  2. You guys are amazing, this podcast is what convinced me to start playing D&D in the first place, and it has been a blast. I love your podcast, the only bad part about it is that empty feeling I get when it’s over knowing there won’t be another one for an entire week 😉 Thank you, keep up the good work.

  3. by Haven_II – Jan 23,3013
    Sometimes I wonder how drunk they really are. I hope the answer is “very” because if this is these guys sober, the world is in trouble. I eagerly await everything they have to say here and on twitter!!!

  4. My review from iTunes:
    Fun times > rule integrity by undecided44 on Feb 7, 2013
    The quintessential actual play podcast where the rules are less important than the story experience, and the recording ends just where it should: with the listener demanding more. If you aren’t faithfully following this gem, you’re doing it wrong.

    [crossing fingers, hoping to win]

  5. I posted a review! It reads thus:
    Oh man, I found this podcast while searching for something new to listen to while I work, and now I frequently laugh so hard, at such awkward moments, I’m pretty sure I have to listen to it at home from now on. The hosts are hillarious, and they remind me of all the best parts of my own D&D adventures. And Jennifer, even though none of the guys got your “Darkblade and Darkblade” Muppet Christmas Carol joke, I got it, and I laughed so hard i sucked tea up my nose, since I thought no one else alive remembered that song. Love.

    …and I just realized I spelled like 3 things wrong. AWESOME.

  6. Review:
    This podcast does a nice job of showing new players having fun and learning the rules. It isn’t heavily narratively focused and isn’t heavy with roleplaying, but that doesn’t exclude it from having interesting story elements, and the players spend a lot of time joking and making references. If you want to try D&D for the first time and like low-brow humor, then this podcast is a great place to start D&D!

  7. Review:

    Since last time:

    Now that my 6 girlfriends in Canada have left me, I am kept warm at night by the soothing voices of this podcast.
    Thanks Drunks and Dragons

  8. I just left another review on ITunes and now on here too. This podcast is the best. It’s like hanging out with your friends. I impatiently wait for the new podcast each week. It keeps me laughing the entire time. I also recommend their other podcast, Cast of Thrones. I just finished going through the first book with their book club podcasts. If you like this one check out Cast of Thrones too.

  9. Quick Junpei Do an Arcana check!!!!
    natural 20 plus 11!

    …yes you sense immense magic coming from this podcast so much so that it makes everyone stare at this listener as he’s laughing without control at work making his co-workers wonder whether he finally snapped or he’s listening to something of pure awesome.

    Love the adventure so far! Thank you for brightening my day every week 🙂

  10. Seriously one of the greatest D&D podcasts out there. This is a group of players I’d love to join.

    Everyone loves a dragonborn pincushion that resembles Big Boss after the fight with The Fear on MGS3. If that has taught us anything it’s that you can easily pull out those arrows by going into the cure menu and using a knife to pry them out.

    Also Junpei <3

    • Review:

      59. Blood feud
      First of all, everyone knows Orc blood doesn’t taste like iron, it tastes like an unholy amalgam of cobalt, sulfur and hate.
      Also, it’s funny that the two guys whose voices I can’t tell apart have a character feud going. It’s like listening to a crazy person argue with himself.
      Great podcast, download it now or Geodude will punch you in the throat.

  11. The group has such a great dynamic, even if Tim can’t say shuriken (shoo-tee-ken) correctly, that I have bought my own D&D Starter Set and DM Kit so I can have as much fun as they have. Just wish I could clone them since they rock! And, yes, I guess I can use iTunes for reviews even if Doncaster is better.



  12. Review: Like an old-timey radio serial… But with obscenities, profanities, vulgarities, and zombies. WotC should be paying you for showing how much fun the game can be.

  13. Shouldn’t Junpei’s new eyepatch impair his vision giving him some kind of penalty to something? It SHOULD do that, could balance things out and provide some funny rp opportunities.

  14. Best Actual Play Podcast on my iPhone

    Entertaining, informative and not constantly begging for money! I found it last week and have plowed through listening to them with much enthusiasm. I deleted three other actual play podcasts to make time for Drunks and Dragons.

    I also like how they don’t make a big deal about having a girl play D&D with them. She is just a gamer not a mutant ( she could have X-Men power, I don’t know ).

    Note: Not safe to listen to around kids, or small animals.

  15. Been here since episode one. easily the best podcast I’ve ever listen to. I can’t wait for Monday to come so I can get a new episode 🙂 love you guys and thanks for doing what you do.

  16. And here is my glowing 5-star iTunes review!
    Said in the voice of “The Blood Drinker” –> *I wants the book!*

    Review Follows:

    Best Actual Play D&D Podcast
    by D.S. – Jan 15, 2013

    OK, just found this one… I have listened to many actual play podcasts (long commute to work…) & this one is absolutely the best yet. Humor on par with the famous Penny Arcade D&D podcasts — and yet not so goofy as to totally stray from the game itself.

    Good game, good players, good DM. 🙂

    Well done!

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  18. What What What???? How have I not found this podcast before now. I had to go back and have a listening marathon. Good thing I drive for a living. This is the most entertaining podacst I listen to. I can’t ever wait fro the next episode. Thrifty is the best DM I’ve ever heard.
    Thanks Hammered in Fresno

  19. this review is hidden in the shadows in the corners of the ceiling.
    it almost took me as long to write this review as it did for tum darkblade to decide what his very first attack was going to be on the first ep! (hope that makes sense, if not.. SLYYYYYY FLOURISH!!!) because you guys are just so AWESOME and there are so many great things to say! seriously. <3

  20. Two D&D Podcasts started at about the same time. One had professional comedians. One had ordinary people. This one wins hands down. One request, though, … the boner jokes are getting tedious (and prevent me from sharing you with my kids).

  21. Itunes review by Wah-Tah: “This podcast sly flourishes its way into my heart”

    I started listening mainly for the Cast of Thrones folk, but quickly grew to love this podcast for its own charming wit. I’ve only tried to play DnD once in my life, but this podcast makes me want to roll out my dice and give it another go. Love it!

    (And update on that–if anyone is possible interested–I did start a campaign with a few of my friends, but I’m actually DM-ing it, which is quite fun!)

  22. “I was turned on to this podcast by a friend. It is now my favorite way to pass a boring day at work. You guys give me the weirdest and most inconvenient boners.”

  23. iTunes review

    The most action packed D&D podcast available
    By Ju663rnaut

    “This is a great show. The bulk of each episode revolves around story twists and creative combat dynamics. I love the balance between the off-the-wall and grounded players.”

  24. This podcast is both interesting and extremely funny for anyone who chooses to listen to this podcast. Don’t miss out on the sly flourishes! LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST NOW!


    hilarious episode especially the slavery part…

  25. I’m in the middle of the episode, but I love how the adventurers quickly escalate the situation by attacking hook’d beard because he has some slaves. It’s SOOOOooooo possible that the people in the cage might actually deserve to be there. Just sayin’.

    The pirate voices are awesome, especially Thom’s. “Be mandatory he speak in such a manner for the remainder of ye campaign, says I!”

  26. and you have made…………19 orphans!!! holy geez, i realize i am out of date but have recently started listening and am having fun. I only played D&D a couple times but have always wished i had really played. Hope to catch up on the series but it’s a good idea and wish i was part of the game. cheers from Canada!!

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