Episode 30 – A Sly Flourish

By Tim Lanning on

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Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.


Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 4.13.41 PM Hello brave adventurers and welcome to a very special episode of Drunks and Dragons. We say that most of our episodes are special but this time we mean it. The gang finally gets some clues to the location of the Lost Isle but must acquire a magical compass hidden in a dangerous cave. Will everyone make it out of the cave in one piece? Found out now in this week’s of Drunks and Dragons.

The adventure continues with Tum Darkblade (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Junpei Iori (Steven Strom), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).

Drunks and Dragons is a weekly podcast using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. Please let us know what you think!

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  1. Man, just finished listening while I was at work, now Tum’s death has left me in a funk. But what a way to go out! And that last Sly Flourish really left me with chills. You will be missed, Tum!

  2. Feel like I am playing Mass Effect 3 all over again, and this is Mordin’s death, and feels like it even more so after talking about everyone dying in a great battle at the end of the podcast.

    Just really disappointed…

  3. So personally I’m bummed. I did laugh more than I thought I should but I loved how Tum did take the story seriously and tries to move forward the plot. How does Tim get repaid for this appreciated effort? He gets killed off because his character is not fucked up enough.

    I have been thinking about Tum’s story arc though and I don’t think that it has to be over and I think that Tim could take a darker turn as a player. He could come back as a flying race (though they are limited) or perhaps as a Favoured Soul who worhips the God of Death or Vengence. When he gets to level 17 he would sprout wings and it could be discovered that it was his people that had killed Tum’s family oh so long ago.

  4. Plus if he was a flying character he could have a new calling card similiar to the last like
    sky dervish
    high courage
    fly down surge

    He has other options as well though.
    Be an energetic but dimunitve figher, “spry courage”
    Be an Asian wood worker “thai burnish”
    Take hazardous turns down a dangerous road “drive corniche”
    Serve himself ala mode “pie garnish”
    Work in the back of a pub in South England “fry cornish”
    Become jaded about the whole game “sigh tarnished”
    or just stop giving a fuck like a good githyonki space pirate “bligh skirmish”

    • Brilliant! There needs to be more of these.^^^

      How bout a Healing Cleric with : “Hiiiiigh Nourish”
      or a stat boosting Bard with : “Allyyyy Encourage”

      R.I.P. Tum Darkblade…actually…no…don’t! Never rest and come back as a ghost, spirit, Obi Wan, Patrick Swayze, or get your own Geodude to bring the valiant call of SSSSSSLY FLOURISH back to this plane of existence.

  5. Man, why didn’t that super generous donor guy kill off Junepei!? He’s been a real dick lately. I hope Tim’s next character is as enjoyable as Tum. You’ll be missed!!

  6. I feel kinda silly for getting sad because of a role played character’s death, but the hopelessness of the whole thing was overwhelming. RIP Tum Darkblade.

  7. I actually cried. It’s just…so sad…

    I think that Tim’s next character should still be a rogue. Because that would create this great character dynamic, where they look at him and are reminded of Tum, and he doesn’t understand why they keep comparing him to this ‘Tum’ guy. Furthermore, this new rogue could have an intense hatred for Sly Flourish, thinking that it’s an awful move. I can totally see the trio (sob at that word) getting really angry and feeling like this guy is insulting Tum even though he really doesn’t know anything about Tum.

    Now I’m gonna go and cry myself to sleep.

  8. No! Tum can’t be dead. I refuse to believe it. I am super bummed out. I love “we’re not burying him with his magic items, right?” So cold. Long live Tum Darkblade!

  9. Fuck Tum Dorkblade ……just kidding. Seriously though the joy in thriftys voice as he lead Tum to his inevitable death was infectious. I couldn’t help but keep laughing like a maniac. The people in the grocery store were all freaked out by it. Hey, I listen when I can. Shopping is an opportunity…..and in honor of Dorkblade slyyyyyyyyyyyyyy flourish!

  10. So I’m finally current, and it just so happened I finished this episode the same day I watched The Rains of Castamere. Tum dying was far more upsetting than the Red Wedding. Granted, I knew what was coming in the latter, and the former shocked the hell out of me.

  11. I don’t use no itunes, but I feel I have to leave a mini review/comment. I enjoy the podcast overall, otherwise I wouldn’t have listened this far. However the death of Tum has upset me greatly, seeing as he was one of the two characters that don’t annoy me greatly. He remembers what happens in the game, doesn’t play his DS, eat chips, makes less dumb as shit out of game references, uh I could go on for hours. So yes, there is a certain wizard and dragon thing that would have been much more enjoyable to hear perish. Seriously, they are annoying, in so many ways. I feel I’m not the only one who feels this way, Tum himself spoke up many times with only a thin veil of politeness.

    I will keep listening, but if Tim doesn’t play a big role with a new character I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach the other two, mentioned above, railroading every situation into some senseless mess.

  12. I really hope you allow tum to play a new character or something, because otherwise I will really enjoy this podcast a lot less. As soon has he died, I realized my favorite character was Tum. I hate it, but I realize someone payed good money for that death.

  13. Holy crap… did not see this coming. Tum was easily my favorite character. This is about as shocking to me as Eddard getting his head chopped off. My only complaint is why the heck did the kickstarter dude choose Tum over the space goblin idiot… I think we can all agree that guy is getting annoying. Here’s hoping Tim Lanning is still around as I keep listening to this epic tale of Drunks and Dragons.

  14. Do not go gentle into that good night…

    This episode hurt. I realize it’s been a while and the players have long moved past the events that transpired here, I am just finding and marathoning this podcast and it’s hard to take.

    This was certainly written well. While I’m not sure I can forgive the donor for making the choice they did, I do think it was quite well written.

  15. Wow. I know I’m a couple of years behind the times here, but listening to the podcast last night I definitely shared Aludra and Thom’s numbness/hopelessness when they finally realized that Tum had gone off to the land of Darkblades in the sky.

    Even though everyone has long since said their goodbyes to him, I’ll add mine now. Goodbye Tum Thumble and may all your strikes be dazing and all your flourishes sly.

  16. So I’ve been listening to you guys every day at work and on my commutes into and out of work. You guys are fantastic players,personalities, and storytellers. I’m climbing my way to catching up and I just wanted to say thank you!

    Tum Darkblade… RIP man. Great fucking show, Tim Lanning.

  17. Pouring out a 40 of potion for my man Tum. The Darkest Bladiest Rogue. You are too good for this world. You sly flourished into my heart and I feel a part of me also drowned this episode. I am now legally changing my name to Darkblade to honor you.

  18. Aww no I loved Tum, he was a sweetie :'(

    Now poor Aludra is the only sane one left

    I hope Aludra puts a boot up Tom’s scaly arse if he tries any shenanigans with Tum’s body.

    I mean, he’d probably like it but at least it would distract him.

    I know this shit has maybe already happened by now, but hope you guys continue the arc and bring down Emperor Thumble in his honour (and the body count, and the money, but mostly for Tum)

  19. Just started listening to these podcast and I have a lot to go. I feel like I have to comment on this episode and say RIP (hopefully not rest in pieces if Tom has his way…) Tum. Great dynamic and great podcast.

  20. Way late to this but I’m glad dorkblade died. Forcing everyone in group to follow his story line because he had an automatic vote to every decision was annoying.

    • Hello Kevin. Thanks for listening! We all knew one of us were going to bite the bucket with 0 way out due to our Kickstarter. Since we knew about it there was a higher sense of dread and anticipation. Plus, it made for some fun radio.

  21. Nooooooo not Tum! I just made myself a Keep Calm and Sly Flourish Poster! Discovered this podcast 2 weeks ago and have binge listened these 30 episodes. Tums death brought several tears to my eye. I hope Tims new character isnt too long in appearing, and that he interacts well with Thom (very sexy voice – I bet he has a wicked smile) and the lovely and poised Aludra. The new era should be exciting.

  22. That was good work. I cared more than I thought I would about the character death, because the player handled the character well and made him memorable.

  23. Alright… so glad to know this is his last appearance… and now i think i know why.

    1st: “Well I guess i’ll look up my own character sheet, for my own stats, for my own use…” SORRY TO INCONVENIENCE YOU SO HARD. If you dont actually want to play… dont play. How can being asked to play be so inconvenient for this guy?

    2nd: When the DM goes through the trouble of preparing so much content, where he is putting in legitimate work. And comes prepared with an elaborate plan and description and fluff work… FOR THE PLAYERS/AUDIENCE

    And Strom’s reaction is “yawn” JUST TO TRY TO PISS OFF EVERYONE…. i personally would have kicked him tf off my show instantly. There is no reason to be such a disrespectful PoS to someone who puts real time into preparing these sessions.

    And then he is just flat out RUDE to the rest of the cast for the remainder of the session… just because he is apparently a child with hurt feelings. Who instead of realizing “you know, I was being selfish and I can see how literally the other 4 people are annoyed by my selfishness, I am doing something wrong.”
    Or at the least cant just SUCK IT UP and move on with the show, putting his own hurt feelings aside, and then he can address it afterwards, off camera. “Hey guys I feel like we need discuss what happened as I have some issues.”


    3.Like when Thrifty says “sorry guys im such a bad DM” as a joke for accidentally hitting the wrong button on Roll20 Strom chimes in with “well ya but… oh sh…”

    4. He goes back to yelling his stupid jokes that arent funny, even though everyone else has asked him politely to not do it anymore, as it was annoying, not funny, and just obnoxious. But he does it and specifically points out that he is basically doing it as a ‘fuck you guys’. he even mentions it himself “Now you cant cut out my joke Thrifty!” the joke that everyone asked him to stop doing because it was dumb…he yells it 3x.

    5.Little snide cowardice remarks…for the entire session. Clearly just trying to ruin everyone’s time. -mine as an audience member included- God I hate this guy.

    You guys are saints for putting up with him for the rest of the episode before getting rid of him. IF he had done this to me, any of my friends, or even some random guy who was DM’ing and I had never met… I would have berated the shit out of him for making such shitty remarks and trying so hard to ruin the game for everyone else.

    • This comment SUCKED because i was so frustrated i couldnt even format it correctly.

      Also… THIS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE THE 25 MINUTE MARK… thank god for the light at the end of this tunnel..that is i will never have to listen to him ever again.

    • I’m doing a marathon of this podcast and I totally agree with this comment. There was such a change in his personality for the first 30 episodes. I felt so crushed for Thrifty when he said the yawn comment. It was so bloody rude.
      Such a shame.

  24. I stumbled on this podcast about a month ago and it actually inspired me to start playing D&D myself! I’m not a very socially comfortable guy, and since transferring colleges it’s been even more difficult to get up the nerve to try new things, so taking this step was a big deal for me. I want to thank you guys for that, because I’ve already begun having fun adventures of my own and making friends. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to put myself out there without listening to you all mess around, screw up occasionally, and learn the rules together (one of my biggest fears was I’d be rejected for not knowing how to play).

    All that said, now I feel like I need to respond to some negative business.

    I originally looked up this page to comment about how much I loved the treatment of Tum’s death, but all of the comments about Junpei’s attitude were surprising to see. I agree for the most part that Strom became increasingly more oblivious and rude over the course of the campaign. In this episode in particular, his “yawn” comments to the DM was a punch in the gut I had trouble recovering from; I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to present your friends with a scenario you’ve worked really hard on and then have one of them spit on it. It baffles my mind to consider someone doing such a mean-spirited thing. That the session didn’t end right there demonstrates real professionalism from the rest of the cast, professionalism that Strom really proved not to have over the course of these episodes with his distracted behavior (playing a video game while recording for god’s sake!), story-threatening actions, and constant griping. Overall, I’m happy to learn that he was subsequently removed from the podcast.

    But while his behavior was unacceptable, Junpei/Strom did occasionally raise some legitimate grievances, and one in particular that I suspect may have added to the slowly growing pressure that caused him to snap: a troubling pattern of homophobia. As a gay man myself, I end up in a lot of situations where people are making “gross-out” jokes about gay behavior or whatever, and a lot of the time I don’t mind it and just let it slide. But if I do become uncomfortable I will try more or less casually to point that shit out, and I expect the people around me (especially if they are my friends or co-workers) to respect me enough to try and stop. And so while I didn’t really give too much thought to all the gay jokes throughout the podcast so far (Thom and Tum resort to this humor pretty often, but it mostly has an absurd bent and I can laugh with them), what really did bother me was in Episode 28 (“Spooky, Crazy Mystery Hour”) when Junpei/Strom said he wasn’t okay with it, and the jokes continued anyway. That wasn’t okay, and any subsequent crap he gave you for it was justified, in my opinion. I may be new to RPGs, but the impression that I’ve received online and my minimal personal experience has been that tabletop gaming is an overwhelmingly welcoming community to all races, faiths, genders, etc. While I don’t want to see humor stripped away, I hope that subsequent episodes of this podcast better reflect these ideals.

    I’m sorry to put such a negative spin on what was originally intended as a comment heaping praise and thanks, but there it is. Of course, I still have years of episodes to catch up on, so hopefully my concerns have already been long ago addressed.

  25. So sad… I don’t feel like Tum got enough justice with the RP. If it was going to be nothing they could do, they should have at least stretched out the death scene. I mean it’s quite intense if you think about it: Tum can’t get air bc his mouth keeps over flowing with water. I could imagine him just with eyes wide open being held by Thom or Aludra and just gripping their arm with hopelessness. And then Thom trying to play the tough guy keeps calling Tum stupid and dumb as a way to channel his hurt emotions. And would have been nice to see one of them effortlessly hacking away at the ice when Tum when under, or even the dragon born dropping his weapon and just clawing away at the ice. Idk. Something more touching or in tune with losing one of the OGs of the crew. RIP Tum

  26. First time viewer and I totally felt the tension between Strom and the rest of the group, and could tell he was wearing on the group. However, I was floored when Tum died. I actually liked Strom, but felt like he was just trying way to hard and didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the group. I liked his character and what he brought to the group as a solid player, however his personality really has outweighed what he brought as a player.

    I have done my best not to look forward so I am still in total shock at Tums death and will be interested to see how Junpei is handled moving forward. It also seems that Tim will possible play a new character moving forward as he seems to still run Geekly.

    I love the podcast, love the group, and am excited for hundreds of more episodes.

  27. Since my brother recently reccomneded your podcast, I’ve been glued to it! Such an awesome group and an amazing podcast so far! I was completely shocked and saddened when Tum died!

    The humour is outstanding and the story sensational. Keep up the good work all! Hope to see Tim back in the fray soon!


  28. I’m just now listening to this podcast on a podcast app. I’m on episode 66, but I had to go back to this episode to listen to the most heartbreaking thing I’ve listened to so far. And because of the song you chose to put at the end

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