Episode 38 – Smash and Grab

By Tim Lanning on

About Tim Lanning

Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.


With the aide of our new…business partner we set out to find out where Ham Hands stashed his winnings. Will things go smoothly as Ham Hands turns himself in? Or will the gang have to convince him with fire and sword? I think you already know the answer…

The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).

Drunks and Dragons is a weekly podcast using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. Please let us know what you think!

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  1. Would you guys think I was crazy if I told you that I’m glad that I found you guys early? I’ve seen lots and lots of things on the web start and climb the ladder to success. This is not a complement, it’s an honest observation: If you keep going the way you’re going, you’ll keep finding success.

  2. This episode seems to end early. I listen on podcast addict and tried on this page and both ended near the end of the battle.

    Luckily the recap in episode 39 fills in the gap

    • I’m super late to the party but I had the same issue with Google Play Music cutting out around the hour mark. If you click play on the audio above and skip the first hour you can listen to the rest 🙂

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