Episode 47 – A Flying House

By Tim Lanning on

About Tim Lanning

Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.


Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Drunks and Dragons. You see, this week we learn a bit more about one of our members while making a new friend along the way. Yes, after dealing with that nasty Troll, the gang is now ready to venture to the Crypt of Sinu the Red. Please enjoy!

When you are ready, you can click this link to see the shield.

The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).

Drunks and Dragons is a weekly podcast using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. Please let us know what you think!

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  1. I love Clinker but my PC is a Gnomephobic half-elf War-mage who completely loose it at the sight of a gnome and I can only imagine the cast and how they would response.

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