Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Starter Set Now Available!

By Tim Lanning on

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Dungeons and dragons 5e starter set, S&D Starter SetFirst you got a taste of the newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons with the Basic Rules at the beginning of July. Now, dear role-players, you have your chance to sink your teeth into the Starter Set.

The Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set has all the stuff you need to embark on your first adventure. Plus, it is physical, meaning you can touch all sorts of things. You will get: A 64-page adventure book, a 32-page rulebook for playing characters level 1 – 5, five pre-generated characters and six dice.

The Starter Sets of the past were always a great way to hop into the deep and rich world of Dungeons and Dragons since it removed a lot of the guess work. While we at the GeeklyInc Dreadtower have not got a chance to actually touch the newest starter set (we will very soon!) we suggest checking it out.

Good news! Amazon has a wicked deal for the Starter Set!


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