Dying Light Parkour Zombie Murder Mayhem Trailer

By Tim Lanning on

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Dying Light!In the below trailer for Dying Light the main character wall runs and jump-smashes a zombie’s head with a friggin’ pipe. He also MAcGyvers a knife-rope system to pull himself out of the jaws of a horde of undead to the relative safety of a nearby roof. Like a Spider-Man would do. It is crazy. Not to mention he does many of these things at night, which looks terrifying…

Who knows how well all of these systems will work, but are few things are clear after watching this most recent trailer. Dying Light takes heavy inspiration from its spiritual predecessor, Dead Island, with its use of crafted weapons and special zombie monsters. Besides updating the graphics, Techland developed the new Natural Movement system which allows you to not only get around the infected city faster but to combo your parkour moves into combat. It looks real slick.

What did you think? I loved Dead Rising so I am really looking forward to Dying Light. Do you think the market is getting saturated with zombie murder simulators? Sound off in the comments below!

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