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Welcome the first day of E3, AKA Video Game Christmas! While the show floor won’t be open until tomorrow, the biggest news is revealed during the four press conferences being held today. No doubt social media will be jam-packed with news and opinions on the major reveals, but you can be a part of the action yourself. Twitch is streaming all of the conferences on their E3 page so no need to quickly fly out to LA and sneak in!

Twitch announced their full E3 schedule¬†yesterday, including the games being previewed throughout the convention. You can watch everything from Twitch’s Twitch feed and chat right along with your closest few thousand friends about the news. As of right now, Monday June 9th 7:52AM PST, there are over 30,000 viewers just waiting to sink their teeth into Microsoft’s Media Briefing.

Microsoft’s Media Briefing kicks the whole event off at 9AM PST. EA’s E3 2014 Preview starts at 12PM PST followed by Ubisoft at 3PM PST and Playstation at 6PM PST.

In between the major press conferences today Twitch will be showing off some hotly anticipated games, starting with Hotline Miami 2 at 11:30AM PST.

What are your personal E3 predictions? Be sure so fan the fanboy flames and continue the console wars in the comments below!



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