Episode 17: Graythorn Brutes

By Rhyan on


After finding an abandoned and beat up tavern our players move to follow the tracks that lead them into the Graythorn Forest. After much searching, our players find themselves in a terrible situation with the full moon! With the battle against Edeyar our players are soon awaken to yet another surprise. What could lie waiting for them in the Graythorn Forest? Find out on this episode of Taverns & Caverns!

Join us as our DM Rhyan (@haphazardDM) tries to kill our beloved characters – Desiree/Damien Lovelace (@Blaze_NBK), Isundra (@daggertribal), Nomu the Monstrous, and Edeyar Dossane (@jwplayer0) while we try to ruin whatever it is he has planned. 

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