Episode 191 – Mixed Messages

By Tim Lanning on

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Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.



Now that Askur is out of the way no one stands before us and our goal of eliminating Longcryer. So much of what we have done has lead us to this moment, even if it was just a side quest. While it is possible that Longcryer has some sort of information about who is trying to destabilize the major cities of the land we are simply here to put a mad beast down. Perhaps correcting the mistakes that still linger from your past somewhat lessens your sins? Doubtful, but revenge ought to feel pretty great.

The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Jett Razor (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).  We are also joined by the special guest star – Carly Shields! Don’t forget to follow our editors Steph Kingston (@stephokingston) and David Stewart (@spudcam)!

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  1. Dear god, I didn’t expect an instantaneous fuse…. she did say there was a fuse right? Dang. It hurts for something so obvious to happen when it didn’t feel like there was a way out of it.

    • The way out of it was to pick up on the countless hints and not let Longcrier do it in the first place. I could see Thrify giving them both a dex saving throw to see if they could react in time to save Harper, but it’d have to be a high DC to give any legitimacy to all the warnings that were given.


    Oh my goodness… That was so painful. Michael made it soooo obvious, but they all just ignored it… >_<

    At least he was extremely generous and didn't have them all take a ton of damage for being right next to Harp-harp when he went boom.

  3. I laughed so hard at how their plan seemed so awesome until they botched their initiative and stealth rolls.Turning it into a moment where longcrier gets to peer into a bundled wardrobe of all his enemies plastered together and a non vaccinated Harper. The looks on their faces before King Goop was made must have been priceless.

  4. New shot recipe idea: The Harper Bomb, 3/4 oz of jack Tennessee fire whisky, splash of dark aged rum, spot of liquid smoke, drop (the fuse) into a half glass empty ( or full ) of sangria and enjoy the flavor explosion!! Sorry Harp Harp, made for an entertaining episode though.

  5. They had all the clues in the world but they still couldn’t save….*sniff* Harper trusted them, left his life in their hands!

    There’s only so much a DM can do to keep players alive. XD

  6. You knew they had planned to apply the antidote in a reactionary way Micheal, you should have allowed them to roll perception to gain a reaction to apply the antidote before it killed him. You should never kill your players without a roll, even if its a very one sided roll. EVER. Its bad DMing.

  7. Hello, it’s me again…I commented around episode 25 or so to say I was starting from the beginning and trying my best to catch up. I’m just getting to House Vidalis so it’s still 2013 in my world. This has been a tough week so thanks for making me laugh. I really enjoyed the nightvale episode… I wonder if you even remember doing those eps at this point? Anyhoo. I accidentally read a few words of the comments above me and so just imagine me sticking my fingers in my ears going la la la. Thanks again, and hopefully you keep doing this so that one day I can listen and comment in real time.

  8. Well, this was by far the worst possible time to finally be caught up with this podcast! The wait for the next episode is killing me! I had to go back and listen to the second half of this one again because I just went numb with the shock of what happened…

  9. I praise Thrifty for springing the trap, unlike the commenter “Cody” I think that this was very good DMing since it added weight and gravity and consequences to the actions and decisions of the players which elevates the story from a lesser type of game.

    I think that listeners should consider that ultimately this optional side-quest tested whether Harper has undergone sufficient character-development through his experiences to forego mindless vengeance in favor of heeding the people of Drunkeros needing his help (like leaving demon worshippers active in Pelor’s Hope or storming into Finnikin’s lair without a plan to get stabbed, or not closing the hell-gate so he could go rescue his sister, in each instance to avenge his family and further his own interests in regaining his house-title and wealth and clear his conscience, or in this new case, not helping the elves in the disappearing city).

    This season is great so far, keep it up Thrifty!

  10. Witnessing an entire group of people ignore the evidence, confident they’re making the right decision, and seeing them all agree heartily to dive headfirst into disaster. I was here to listen to a dnd podcast not relive the US elections.

    Can’t wait to find out about Tim’s next brand… I mean character.

  11. I wanted to catch up before commenting but after the 4th character death I couldn’t wait any longer, yes 4th you’ll see why. Tums death, sorry Tim, didn’t affect me in any way but I did feel sad in a way for Tim. Toms death got to me hard and I teared up slightly (and I’m a fuckin 25 year old manly man) luckily I didn’t listen to the rest of the episode (because of work) or the clone song could have pushed me over the edge instantly revoking my man card. Bear Charger was fun and I really wish he stuck around longer especially with the great background between him and Harper. I didn’t care for Bananas Foster and was horrified for that one moment I thought Jet was a disguised monkey in the caves, sorry Mike, horrified. I didn’t like Harper at first but after the 5 year gap he really grew on me (especially his Dad like leadership of the group) and became in my opinion one of the best characters throughout the whole podcast (sorry every one else). I had a feeling it was coming from the obvious hints and reluctance Thrifty was showing as they were going to confront Longcryer but it didn’t prepare me for the sudden shock when Harper exploded. Tim put so much into his character and it definitely showed. Now King Titus Harper needs a statue next to Tom, naked, being cradled by Bear Charger the Minotaur. You are all amazing at what you do and I will be looking forward to all the episodes to come. Yep that’s it bye…

  12. It’s interesting reading the comments. I’ve been working through the podcast over the past year (still have 20-ish eps to catch up on), and just had to chime in months later on this one because it’s interesting to see Thrifty get the business for how this happened.

    I thought it was pretty clear from the flashback episodes that a narrative was being created where Harp-Harp was going to bite it. I didn’t expect it going quite how it did, but there wouldn’t be a satisfactory resolution if the party went all that way and then just turned around because of ghostly warnings.

    I thought it was excellently executed because not only is Thrifty DM-ing a campaign, he’s trying to shape long-form stories for these characters without railroading them to one specific endpoint.

    Now I’ll get back to listening to see where things go next. 🙂

  13. Oh my god, Michael you are a benevolent god. You gave the party every chance to save Harper. I will admit I am very upset, but they absolutely deserved this.

    Working my way through the episodes.

    Keep up the good work. You guys are amazing.

    Thanks for creating an escape from the monotony of life for loads of people. You have no idea how large of an impact you make, speaking personally.

    I’m so sorry Tim.

    Thanks for everything you do,


  14. That is bs. Why did Harper just explode? You can’t expect players to pick up on subtle hints, you need to be waaaay more obvious.

    I don’t like it when characters die. especially instant death.

  15. Tim, I’m I just got to this episode and noticed that your characters haven’t survived through a telling of their backstory… Never bring up your character’s past!

  16. Thrifty, I love you, you’re an inspiration to me as a GM and a friend to your fellow podcasters. You guys are all amazing, and I look forward to the day when we’re all in our 80s and 90s, you guys still recording and us all still listening… all via cochlear and tracheal implants, of course.

    However, I don’t know that I would say that the party had all the pieces and all the chances to save Harper and they all just messed up majorly. I personally rewound the audio queues several times with the volume on max, and was able to make out maybe 40% of the words. It seems that even though the players had most of the important info, they were missing a key piece: Longcryer can kill Harper instantly if he confronts him without the antidote. It seemse they were all ready for a major confrontation, and for something bad and unexpected to happen to Harper, but instantaneous death? :/

    That being said, just keep doing what you’re doing guys, I can’t wait to meet Tim’s new character. Hopefully I’ll catch up by next Geeklycon so I can meet you all in person!

  17. Got to love it when the DM gives you all the clues and the PC fail to put all the pieces together. Instant death is a bit extreme, but the clues did say that if confronted, it would be immediate death.

    You guys rawk. I’m still playing catch up and hopefully be able to get on the live stream with you guys. I’m not promising anything since I work overnights and this podcast along with a few others keeps me sane throughout the night.

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