Episode 229 – A Power Reborn

By Tim Lanning on

About Tim Lanning

Tim founded GeeklyInc with Michael DiMauro way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Tim could have never imagined.


Our heroes are well on their way to saving everyone in both a stylish and brave way. Their fame will surely be spread far and wide across the lands. Surely, that won’t have any downsides, right? Well at least they get some fun loot from the Armory in Nareev which will make any future complications less complicated.

The adventure continues with Steve Melloncamp (Mike Bachmann), Aludra Wyrmsbane (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard), Toby Treacletart (Tim Lanning) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro).  Don’t forget to follow our editors Steph Kingston (@stephokingston) and David Stewart (@spudcam)!

Podcast art by @YourDarlingSon! Want the world to see your fan art? Tweet it with #DrunksAndDoodles or head on over to the forum.

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  1. Possibly ridiculous idea of the day….( probably had by others already ) Form a business relationship with a t-shirt shop that can produce shirts of some the fan art on this website, because much of it is amazing. This could be a way to share profit with the artist, the podcast, and the shirt makers. Maybe the shirt would cost too much in the end to keep all of those parties happy but something about this community makes me think it’s a possibility. I’ve been listening for a couple years now and hope to make a geeklycon some day or at least buy a t-shirt. Keep it up all y’all!!!

    • After we realized that selling shirts wouldn’t be a huge money maker for us we pulled back from making some cool stuff. Which is a shame! Let’s just say that we met with some folks about making what you suggested a possibility. No promises since different things work for different people, but I hope to have more info in a month or two. Or no more info since we passed on the idea, haha. Thanks!

  2. This might be a weird question, but on episode 80 around 33:20 a comic is metioned, and I’m tried like 20+ times to get the name right, but I was unable to find it, and don’t know where the best place to ask for help would be. So I came to the latest episode posted. Sorry if I’m doing it on the wrong place but would appreciate if someone could tell me the comic name.

  3. Wasn’t the god that Steve/Tom talking to a laid back surfer dude as well? Not sure.

    Is Tim Lanning going to keep evolving to a smaller and smaller humanoid until he disappears?

    How come we are seeing shorter and shorter episodes with more advertisements?

    Did you ever put your character sheets on a website?

    If I were to watch the show on twitch are the dice rolls shown?

    • 1) I think he may be more of a bro / party dude? Michael thinks anyone like that is the same.
      2) Yes. Pixie is next I guess?
      3) It should just feeeeel that way? Sometimes when we are getting close to an end of a major plot point length is sacrificed for a more emotional story punch. We want to shoot for around 55 minutes per ep with less BS on our end but sometimes we get back on our personal bullshit and talk about ice cream or vans or whatever we are into at the moment.
      4) We do not put our character sheets online! It is a sure fired way to have the fans micro-manage / backseat tabletop for us, which we do not want.
      5) We do not really do anything fancy on twitch as far as graphics are concerned. We have a fun border that makes everything seem more serious than it is, but that is it. Once every other year we will use a map.


  4. WOW. Last episode was grand! Tobie can just use the helm and then they can just use the city as their personal conveyance!

    My favorite character are all the ones by Michael Dimauro. I would love a set of episodes (maybe when someone is gone?) when there is a guest DM and Thrifty can play in the world of his creation. That would make some super interesting listening!!!

    Love the voices. Thanks for keeping going. I have ordered wine, food, and underwear at this point. I need to figure out a website now. Ok, bye!

  5. At no point up until now did I realize that the Academy of Podcasters was a real thing. I thought it was a goof you made behind the scenes. After this intro I googled it and, yep, there you are. Congratulations!!!!

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