Episode 8 – A Tenacious Scholar (Part 2)

By Rhyan on


Welcome to episode 8 of our DnD 5E podcast! In this episode, we go back to the library to really snub the rude ass librarian we met last time and try to figure out just what in the heck Isundra is trying to get us killed by. Nomu gets awkward, Desiree has to get real on some ruffians, and Edeyar does…not a whole lot to some rats.

Join us as our DM Rhyan (@haphazardDM) tries to kill our beloved characters – Desiree/Damien Lovelace (@Blaze_NBK), Isundra (@daggertribal), Nomu the Monstrous, and Edeyar Dossane while we try to ruin whatever it is he has planned.

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