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Oh hey there listener! Are you Looking for Arc 1 of Cthulhu and Friends? You won’t find it here. With the start of Arc 2, we want to tell a new story in a new world. We want listeners to experience the joy of exploring a world and mythos from the start. By the end of Season 6, there was a barrier to entry for new listeners due to the depth of what had come before. It’s a hard decision, but we want you all to join us on this journey fresh. And remember…nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.

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  1. Does anyone know what actually happened with arc 1? The explanation they give seems really weird, “we made too much content so we deleted 6 seasons.” That combined with the legal stuff they read seems like something else kinda shady happened. I was interested in this podcast, but i hate not being able to start at the beginning.

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