Game of Thrones Book Club 2: Bran II – Catelyn III

By Michael DiMauro on

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Join us as we dig in and digest chapters Bran II – Catelyn III this week. Things are really heating up on the pages of Westeros y’all! Bran takes a spill, Dany gets hitched, Catelyn does nothing for a while and Tyrion and Jon become best buds. We had an enlightening conversation (live broadcasted on about the extent of Khal Drogo’s bells and just how did Catelyn go to the bathroom while she was mourning Bran?

Our Winterfella army is doing such a great job! Your love and support makes us feel warm in these tough times. You can join us live for our book clubs every week, interact with us on Twitter and Facebook, or even write us a fun email! But, we have to have your reviews since one of the hosts (we won’t say who) borrowed a lot of reviews from a mobster and has to pay him back with interest!

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The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DimauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. Guys, I love the podcast, and I understand the need for revenue (i’m even considering getting the t-shirt instead of one of the cool ones on HBO – may I say HODOR!-) But please please pretty please don’t go down the slippery slope of Audible plug.
    I already unsubscribed from two podcasts I liked in recent months, just because their ‘ad’ had evolved into a monstruous 5+ minute embarassed “likefest” of Audible and/or Netflix, adding recommendations on top of recommendations and making me cringe under the whole unease of the exercise, and you guys sure sound like you’re heading there.
    So my only request is that you write it down beforehand: whether it’s a 5 minute fun skit or a 20s commercial-sounding bite like Dan Savage does, it won’t kill the whole momentum if you don’t sound apologetic and confused about it.

    Restore the day!

  2. The 2nd podcast in a row with someone (I think its Mike) sniffling into the mic quite obviously. I’m surprised nobody in the cast or the chat room mentions it, it is quite unprofessional and annoying. I haven’t heard the newer casts because I’m listening in order, but I sure hope they’ve learned how mic’s work by now.

  3. Ignore the haters, bros! I don’t notice the sniffling and the Audible ad introduced me to the wide world of books for your ears!

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