Game of Thrones S2E2 – The Night Lands

By Michael DiMauro on

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For the first time ever, the entire Cast of Thrones crew was able to record in the same room! In this episode we get to see a lot more of Arya, and a hell of a lot more of Theon. Pyke is finally introduced and we discuss there strange ways. To top it off, we finally get to see the fan favorites Hot Pie and Jaqen H’ghar.

Thank you so much for listening to us week in and week out, we really do appreciate it. So grab some fish pie and settle in for some brotherly love.

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DimauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. You guys are my favorite podcast by far… but I think you need to spend less time reading Seaman Moon fanfic, and more time over at so you’d be up to date on all the latest show-specific gossip.

    The actor that played Rakharo had a conflict (I think b/c he was filming WWZ) which explains that change.

    Also, don’t expect any Reeds at least in this season… my guess is they’ll just be replaced by Wildling tonks.

    There were other things you guys said that made me think ‘they really need to read WiC NET’ over the last two podcasts… but I was too distracted by all the shaved ice talk to remember.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Does anyone else think the actor playing Alton Lannister looks a lot like the actor playing Gendry? Funny how they change Asha to Yara so no one gets Asha/Osha confused, but they have two characters who look very similar. By the way, did they ever even say Osha’s name in the show? I don’t recall them ever calling her by her name. It makes me very sad to hear the Reeds won’t be in the season or possibly the whole show. They are crucial characters in Bran’s storyline. I don’t quite understand some of the choices in the production of this show. They add pointless made-up scenes (every Ros scene, the Littlefinger and Cersei scene last episode, Dany’s silver dying, Rhakaro dead, Stannis banging Melisandre, Craster sacrificing a boy, Mago dying, etc) that take up screen time while at the same time omitting crucial characters and back stories. Why do we see Theon banging a girl on a boat that has nothing to do with anything, but yet we get no backstory on Davos, or an introduction to the Reeds? Where is Edmure and Holster Tully? Where is Brynden Blackfish? Where was Theons zealot uncle when Theon came ashore pike? It’s starting to seem like as long as a scene as a potential for showing sex on screen the producers will add it. But everything else thy will change willy-nilly.

  3. Frank,

    “Stannis banging Melisandre” – Happens in the books, just not explicitly. Sometimes with TV you have to be more direct. As for the other changes, who knows. I know they’re condensing a lot of characters. Simply too many for one TV show. Ros is replacing Alayaya and Chataya. As for the Reeds? Who knows. Maybe they’ll show up in Season 3.

    Also, that Theon scene on the boat is pretty much straight from the book. More character development for characters we already know, I guess was the rationale. It had lots to do with Theon and how highly he thinks of himself, only to have all those hopes dashed once he gets to Pyke. Not a useless scene at all.

    tl;dr – Chill, bro.

  4. Rakharo being dead is disappointing. I wonder what the ripple effect will be into the future. I think though they did it to increase the feeling of desperation.

  5. I actually really like most of the made up stuff.. As long as they follow the story well enough, I don’t need them to follow the book word for word. I like that there are surprises in the show even for book readers.

  6. Dustin says:
    April 10, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Rakharo being dead is disappointing. I wonder what the ripple effect will be into the future. I think though they did it to increase the feeling of desperation.

    Dustin – The actor wanted to leave to star in a film, so I guess unless they changed actors killing him off at this stage was the best option they had. But you are right it does add to the sense of desperation and how much trouble they really are in. Dragon’s can’t feed or protect the Khaleesi right now.

  7. Thanks for the JNCO shoutout, Jennifer! That company (if not he actual apparel) was a huge part of my life for many years and I’m glad you still remember the brand. Also, y’all run the best podcast ever created.

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