Game of Thrones S2E4 – Garden of Bones

By Michael DiMauro on

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Don’t be shy, come on up to the Cast of Thrones podcast! No dragons required for admission to this fun house of hilarity and Game of Thrones based puns. Sit back and experience the sights and sounds of a battlefield after a Stark army has surprise attacked a Lannister Camp. To your left you will see an evil little man fight with an honorable little man in the bustling city of Kings Landing, no pictures please. Perhaps the beauty of Qarth or the melted spires of Harenhal are more your cup of tea, we have those in spades. But beware, the Cast of Thrones is dark and full of shadow baby terrors as we reach Renly’s Camp. You’ve been warned.

What do we expect as payment for this voyage through fantastic and mystical lands you ask? Simple, we only ask for a review on iTunes or a tweet on twitter. You won’t find a better bargain this side of the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai!

The coHosts- Nick BristowMichael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauroMike DaoTim LanningJennifer Cheek

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  1. Guys!
    You spent so much time trying to figure out why Littlefinger was in Renly’s camp. Tyrion sent him! Don’t you remember? Tyrion says to Littlefinger “How would you like to see your beloved Catelyn”. He sends Littlefinger to return Ned’s bones to Catelyn. In the book, if I’m not mistaken, Tyrion decides to return Ned’s bones to Catelyn after he sees what Joffrey has done to Sansa. He feels its the least he can do. I don’t remember him sending Littlefinger to do this in the book but assume it’s just convenient to have Littlefinger to do this task on the show. But for sure, it is Tyrion who sends him. You guys watch the show twice, how could you all have missed this?

    P.S. Stop the “paper-version” stuff. It’s not funny anymore!

    • I found it still interesting how some tngihs changed compared to the book. Many people probably didn’t notice that Sandor Clegane killed the butcher’s boy, that’s only mentioned, not shown. Also he does not have this evil smile and seems to oppose Joffrey passively, instead of doing everything he is told with rather sadistic passion! It might also have got lost that Jaime and Cersei are siblings, though they really emphasize the sweet brother/sister in the Lannister family to make sure people get it. Jaime is a much more sympathic character, in the books he started off much more as a jackass, besides throwing Bran from the tower in both show and book. For Danaerys they really emphasized the sex aspects. I also think I remember that Khal Drogo was rather reluctant about having sex with her initially, he differs somewhat from the series in this regard.

  2. Great as always guys. I have to agree with the Joffrey scene being unecessary. It just reiterates my belief that HBO will invent any scene they need to to get more boobs and sex on screen lol. Also, the shadow baby scene was crazy and bizarre to see. It was defnitely not how I imagined it when I read it. Davos looked scared as shit. All in all I thought the episode was great, even tho it did feel very jumpy and all over. The beginning with Robb seemed weird. Was that suppose to be Jeynes character? The Qarth scene seemed strange to me as well. During the exchange of dialogue the acting felt a bit below average.

    A question on the podcast quality. Is there anyway Jennifer can fix her sound quality? A lot of times when she is talking her audio will cut in and out or get staticy.

  3. Great ep and great podcast this week. Though, I do hope that the Shadow Baby doesn’t scare away casual (if anyone can watch GoT casually) viewers.

    Keep up the fine work.

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