Game of Thrones S2E6 – The Old Gods and the New

By Michael DiMauro on

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Hello, and may the Seven watch over you! In this particularly brutal episode of Game of Thrones we learn a little bit about poor decision-making. Theon gets into a tight spot when he is forced to kick a man’s head off. Jon Snow also holds someone’s fate in his hands, but does not end up kicking anyone’s head off. Arya has to make a snap decision to choose her second of three deaths due to some poor decisions, and Joffrey pulls a “Joffrey,” inciting a riot in King’s Landing that goes horribly. Robb hasn’t made any bad decisions yet, but I got my eyes on him. Dany, on the other hand, chooses to rely on dreams as opposed to logic and finds her dragons stolen.

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  1. Thrifty, you do realize that Ser Rodrik didn’t know that Winterfell had been taken when he decided to ride there, right?

  2. The riot in Kings Landing seemed reminiscent of the actual Dutch riot in the late 1600’s where the former grand pensionary (Johan de Witt) and his brother were torn/cut to pieces. Parts of their bodies were actually eaten by the attackers.

  3. Maybe Book Tywin would not be nice to servants but that doesn’t mean TV Tywin wouldn’t be.

    I’m really not bothered by the changes at all so far. I mean, really liked Arya story line in the books and I’m enjoying it on the show even though it’s not the same. Different doesn’t automatically mean worst.

    And, I don’t think Sansa trust Shae. I think she is not thinking clearly because she almost got ganged raped about 10 min earlier.

  4. I enjoy the podcast… BUT. If I have to hear another “it’s maaaaade uuuuuup!!!!!” whine, I’ll be tempted unsubscribe. I’m only halfway through this podcast, and the whining about it being “maaaade uuuuuuup” is already off the charts.

    Here’s a news flash: IT’S ALL MADE UP! The books are fiction. Not real. Made up.

    Call it what it is – a change from the book.

  5. I’m 45 minutes in and this is week’s podcast is hilarious!!!

    Everyone knows where I stand on the “Show made it up”-gate:
    Book readers read the book, so if someone says “that’s not how it went in the book”… well, you don’t have to tell us: we read the book, we know it’s been changed.
    Non-Book readers didn’t read the book; they don’t know it’s been changed… do they care the show has made changes? Do non-book readers really want to hear discussions about characters like Weese? Personally, I doubt it.

    Thrifty may hate these changes, but he’s really fucking funny in this one. And he’s got a point about changes: the idiot show producers killed off Irri the hot Dothraki handmaiden before she got to be in any sexpositon scenes?!? So I say join with Thrifty!!!

  6. Still no mention of my zune review? That made me sad. But then I thought of princess unicorn and i was not sad again. My horn can pierce the sky!

    PS: you really need to put links on your post when the podcast mentions things (youtube videos, sites, search phrases…) i keep missing out!

  7. Hey Guys —

    Just found the podcast (love it!) and am listening to old eps. Was saddened to see that this ep and the ones following it are all truncated at around the 1 hour mark. Don’t know if there’s anything to be done about it, but I wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for a great show,

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