Game of Thrones Season 3 (and beyond) Spoilercast

By Michael DiMauro on

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As promised the gang sat down with a bowl of brown and decided to run though our final spoiler filled thoughts on season 3 and what we hoped was in store for season 4. If you haven’t read the books you should probably not listen to this since we speak candidly about all the spoilers in all of the release books.

Thank you for listening! We have all sorts of fun stuff for the off season. If you have an idea for a neat little one off show just let us know and your wish may be our command!

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  1. Hey Donkey Cast!

    Spoiler alert for dumb dumbs. Not you guys, just the guys who will keep reading this post and complain about spoilers.

    As a book reader, I always thought Shay loved Tyrion and it was tragic when she died. Everything we know about her is from Tryion’s point of view. Read her death scene again believing she loves Tyrion and she was only trying to survive.

  2. Sweet spoilercast as always, guys and Girl. Always cool to come back and see where y’all hit and missed. Can’t wait for “The Argument” in next year’s GOTYES!

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