Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2: The House of Black and White

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Game of Thrones The House of Black and White

‘The House of White and Black’ really kicked things up a notch in the whole excitement category. We got a ton of movement all around and we are already seeing the story move away from the books. Arya is arrives at the titular location, Jon Snow gets a promotion, and Dany loses favor with her people. Oh Mysa!

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  1. Great, fun episode guys! Did you notice that the name of the Mormont girl that sent the letter to Stannis was Lyanna! I thought that was a nice nod to R+L=J even though that is her name in the books.

  2. Man, it’s sad looking back at what wide-eyed optimists y’all were heading in to season 5. All of that, just for your optimistic sentiments to be summarily demolished by Sand Snakes and Sansa rape in a few episodes. 🙁

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