Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4: Sons of the Harpy

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season 5 episode 4

“The Sons of the Harpy” is arguably one of the best episodes this season! We have so much going on here, we get an awesome fight scene with Jaime and his sweet sword catching hand, we meet the sand snakes (in more than one way), Jon snow is tempted, and Sansa has gone full goth. We take an in depth look at the afterlife of peni and much MORE!

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  1. Jiminy Christmas, thank you guys so much for the gay discussion. As a gay gentleman myself, I’ve been totally bemused by the weird reaction by the Sparrows. I thought I remembered that the attitude toward homosexuality in the books was sort of relaxed, sort of a “Well this is a thing that happens” attitude rather than the clearly demonized thing the show has done. I’ve been needing to have that discussion as it’s been really bothering me since I watched the episode. It’s a problem that I’ve had with the Fantasy Genre in general, and the show recently in particular. The whole thing’s kind of a mess, and I’m rather irritated at the show right now for this, and of course, past things. So, again, thank you for the discussion, it helped me get my thoughts sorted out. You guys rock, love the show.

  2. To this day, I’m still irrationally infuriated by the untimely and bullshit death of the great and glamorous Ser Barry the Bold. May he ride forever in our hearts and feeble minds.

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