Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5: Kill the Boy

By Nick on

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Kill the Boy had shockingly few boy murders given its title, but it was still a solid episode. Season 5 is moving along at a rapid pace, quickly catching up to the books and beyond. We get to see Dany go full on crazy Targaryen, Tyrion runs into some zombies, and Sansa takes a step backwards.

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  1. Guys honestly I love book stannis, he’s hilarious, if you need a refresher I’d listen to either History of Westeros episode on his sense of humor or listen to Radio Westeros episode on him.

    He’s really dry guys, maybe it comes off a little better on the audiobooks.

  2. Hey guys, can you be straight with me…is there really a leaked Hardhome script? I’ve been searching for it for hours and haven’t anything yet. I won’t be mad, I just want to know if you were joking or being serious.

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