Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7: The Gift

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We are rounding the final stretch for season 5 of Game of Thrones and it has been wrought with all the controversy we’ve come to expect from the show. The Gift wasn’t what we expected, but we got some real gems out of the episode. Bronne has a fun scene in jail, we get to see what happens when characters actually meet, and Cersei learns what throwing rocks in a glass house means.

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  1. I feel like I am Bronn and HBO is Tyene Sand.

    Bronn(me):”There seems to be a lot of plot holes in this season of GOT. The writing seems rushed and lazy while relying on tired tropes.”

    Tyene(HBO):shows breasts “What were you saying about the shows writing?”

    Bronn:”I can’t seem to recall…”

  2. I have the total opposite reaction to the Sansa parts for this episode as you guys. I’m actually kind of surprised.

    *Because* of Episode 6, I would absolutely have hated it if Sansa convinced Theon to light the candle in the episode immediately following the rape. (The other paragraphs are about Sansa, but I wanted to have one about Theon.) There is no way Reek would turn back to Theon just from witnessing that, despite the look on his face. He’s been through too much and seen far worse. He saw scene after scene of him being converted in Season 4, and seen him deny his own his own rescue from his own sister. Witnessing that one event to snap him back to being Theon would have been way to far-fetched.

    On the flip side, I would have hated it if all Sansa had to do to get free was to be a literal damsel in distress, beg Reek/Theon to free her, and then she gets freed. That would have been the true backslide of her character development to me. The rape happened to her and she couldn’t stop it. That’s external. Her simply begging for help is an internal thing.

    I do not want Theon to simply save her. I do not want Brienne to simply save her. She will not be able to do it on her own, that’s true. And she will need help from one of them, or both, or many more people. But she needs to play a more active role in acquiring that freedom rather than simply being a victim that needs to be saved.

    • I agree with everything you’re saying.
      For reek to snap back into theon would be totally unbelievable. And yes she needs to play a more active role to free herself. She did pick up that cork screw when she was walking with Ramsey. Tomorrow nights episode I bet we will see her use it.

  3. Oh, and you guys didn’t mention it in the cast… but rando big strong guy with a curved sword could possibly have been a nod to Strong Belwas.

  4. I should really finish listening to the whole episode before commenting. In regards to Littlefinger’s gift to Lady Olenna… it’s literally going to be the same exact young man. Olyvar.

    The High Septon said Loras and Margery still have to go on trial. If Olyvar is killed (or flees the city or changes his story), then there are no more witnesses to confirm the charges against Loras and Margery. They can go free.

  5. Well, I am fully dissatisfied with Game of Thrones now. I’m sick of the dumb, weird laziness, the upsetting character changes, and the unnecessary political commentary…
    I didn’t entirely dislike this episode I guess? More plot stuff happened?
    *sigh* I am basically just watching at this point so I can listen to the podcast. :\ I spent the duration of this episode playing MH4U and was able to pay attention enough to pick things up.

  6. And here comes the episode where all of us bookington readers become permanent cynical Winterfellas. Not a bad thing, just a sad thing. 🙁

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