Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6: Blood of my Blood

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Sam and gilly sitting in a tree

Game of Thrones continues to delight in season 6’s whirlwind of surprises. We got a lot of interesting developments this week including the reveal of a long awaited character with very frosty paws. We also get to see Sam man up a bit to his real jerk of a father. Also, it looks like Danny may finally be doing something with her plot line! She has all the pieces and place and her world and Westeros could collide in spectacular fashion.

And lets not forget Arya, she is leaving the faith and finding her roots again, and we couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Just because there’s time-travel does not mean that everything is everything else.

    It does a fairly good job of establishing that in this story, time is linear. (See “the ink is dry” speech.) Meaning that the only things Bran can affect when he goes back in time, is stuff that he already affected in the same way.

    Yes, it’s a causality loop, and no, recognizing a causality loop does not invalidate the entire thing.

    Every time Bran is able to affect something, all he does is something that had already happened in his native time-period. Nedry Stark hears a voice call to him in the first book, so when Bran is later able to get Nedry to acknowledge his voice all he’s doing is something that had already happened. Hodor mysteriously had a fit when he was young, and spent the rest of his life semi-mute. So when Bran messes him up by sending his consciousness into the future to die, all he’s doing is something that had already happened.

    Time is linear in GoT world. So no alternate dimensions, no terminator fanfictions. Just a linear timeline in which impossible things occasionally happen.

    Also, did anyone ever physically touch the three-eyed-raven? Bran doesn’t have to warg into anyone, if he can just hang out in the werewood-net; projecting images of himself as an impossibly old man back into the past. Sure he was killed by yeti darth maul, but it’s been proven that he can touch Bran while he’s in a vision.

    (PS – Putting a vague “maybe” before your authoritative statements doesn’t really help. If you’re going to assert your theories as absolute fact, try not to be so bitter about it when people challenge those theories.)

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