Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Man

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The broken man

This has to be one of the best episodes so far. It may not be the most exciting episode, but every segment this weeks was incredibly solid and they took the time to let the scenes breathe. This episode was the calm before the storm and the end is coming, and it will be glorious. Jamie is back on track with book Jamie, Cersei is getting all kinds of burns, Margery isn’t just a puppet. John and Sansa are working together and little lady Mormont is adorable. And finally, Arya, she had a very short but exciting ark this week. Our prayers are with you fictional character.

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  1. Mmmmmm no. This episode had some of the poopiest scenes in recent memory. “Get over having your penis cut off or slit your wrists pussy”. Am I supposed to root for Asha/Yara and her shitty bro attitude because she is a woman?

    My first words as the show opened were “wtf is this?”. There are no hippie communes in Westoros. You can see why by the end of the episode. Screw this whole scene and the whole “like what is God anyways bro, think about it” speech from youth pastor Ray.

    Jaime in the Riverlands and Bear Isle were good fun.

  2. So I was thinking about the whole Gilly says ‘wildlings’ instead of ‘free folk’ thing. It actually makes sense that Gilly, being one of Crasters girls, would refer to herself as a wildlings because I would guess that is the word he would have used, because he sucks..

  3. Usually most characters don’t just walk into the story line, make a large impression on another character before being murdered, without being a vital source of information for the storyline. I think there’s a reason we meet this mystery person “Ray,” or should I say “Rhae”…….I have a crazy idea “Rhea” is actually “Rhaegar Targaryen.” As we know he was left to die after a strong blow from Robert B, but I don’t recall a confirmation of his death, until possibly this moment when he is dead swinging in the sun with the 7 pointed star hanging from his neck. And possibly a resurrected LadyStoneheart using the Brotherhood without Banners as her soldiers in revenge. Starting at the root of it all with the man who ellegedly “kidnapped” her husbands sister, causing Ned to forever live with guilt and grief. I may be wayyyyyyyyy off, but I think it would be super satisfying and emotionally destroying to meet John Snows actual father, confirming the famous theory, and then to be murdered minutes into his introduction, making him unable to meet his long lost child. But then again, there might possibly be someone else who runs with the BwB, because of the yellow cloak. Maybe a resurrected Baratheon, or Balish?

  4. Great episode as always! One slight suggestion, it would be great if you slotted at least 15 minutes or so to do a speculation discussion at the end of each podcast. Given that there are only 10 show-focused episodes a year (I listen to the book club podcasts as well, and love them), I’m a little bummed out that I can’t hear you all discuss your thoughts completely openly about where the show may be going.

    Just a thought, keep up the good work!

  5. As for the Margaery sex thing, there could be strategy to it. You guys didn’t really mention this but she’s still supposedly a virgin. She’s managed to remain a “maiden” through three marriages to kings. Shit is unravelling and maybe she’s thinking, if this dumb (but sweet) kid gets himself killed, I better still have a future. Which she won’t have if she loses her virginity and especially if she has a little Lannister bun in the oven. Also, so far, she’s married a gay guy, someone she planned to kill AT her wedding, and a young child. She clearly doesn’t even want to have sex.

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