Game of Thrones Season 6 Full Length Trailer Released

By Tim Lanning on

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I don’t want to get in your way so here is the first full length trailer for Season 6.

Right? How cool was that? This trailer continues Game of Thrones’ great traditional of having a wonderful, catchy song mixed with beautiful morsels like “I choose violence.” I did punch a Tim fist sized hole in my second monitor when my-main-man Davos dropped hot fire “I have never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you are about to see.”

I know I am real hyped right now and my fervor for Season 6 has been awoken. How about you? What wonderful bits do you catch in the trailer? I have to go watch it 6 more times.

P.S. Bijaya says “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”


  1. Speculation on who is that dude in the Targ plate armor? Is it disappointing they showed us Theon and Sansa survived the jump? Is Bran next to the Walker just a dream?

    • Targ is most likley Author Dayne or the Show Version of Author Dayne. Come on? No one thought they were dead… And of course that is a “vision”

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