Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

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It’s a sad day here in Westeros. We all have to pack up our armies for the season and put things on pause till next season when all our friends come back to school. Another season of Game of Thrones in the bag. We got a ton of reveals in this episode including, Jon’s real name, who loves Brienne the most, Dany’s favorite butt, and so much more. This was an incredibly fun season of Game of Thrones, and we can’t wait to wrap this thing up next year! or 2019 :'(

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  1. I’d like to think that Tyrion was sad on the boat because Jon and Dany were happy and Tyrion will probably never have that sort of happiness. He’ll never be able to get Tysha out of his head, or Shae, or murdering his father, or any of the other things he’s seen and done.

  2. Hey, So something I’ve noticed in a few game of throne’s podcasts is that no one’s dedicated time to the abrupt end to Tyrion and Cersie’s chat at kings landing. There’s a lot of talk about how Cersie has always wanted Tyrion dead and family drama this and family drama that. But at that moment it sounds like they’re gonna make a bargin- then abruptly we cut to Jon and Dany chatting/flirting in the dragon den. I wish we got to hear that entire conversation because I think one of two things happened. 1. Tyrion has betrayed Dany in some way, like him pledging allegiance back to Casa Lannister. There has been an awful lot of ‘importance of family’ shoved down our throats this season and the shows subtlety isn’t what it used to be, so it could be foreshadowing. And maybe knowing he’s got another chance to be a good uncle could sway him. Kinda a long shot. Or #2 That he’s forfeited his life for her armies to come and help. I’m not sure. Something felt off about that convo being cut short and I think Tyrion did something. And if he did betray her/forfeit his life, that long forlorn friendzone stare might have a new meaning. Maybe he was going to talk about his convo with Cersie, maybe kill dany, point out how evil cersie is again. Don’t know, but I think there could be more of a discussion about it. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on the matter!

  3. I completely agree with Kelly. Tyrion stops dead in his tracks when he finds out Cersi is pregnant. The next time you see her, she is saying how she will agree to fight with everyone. Later she tells Jamie how she’s not going to do that, and about her plan to let them all kill each other, then pick off whoever’s left.

    That’s a great plan! I don’t think she came up with that on her own though. I know Jaimie didn’t…so, who advised her? Tyrion! This was his chance to help his bloodline, and make peace with this sister. I think he looks very guilty and pensive, staring at the door where Dany and John are boning. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who was thinking this.

  4. So funny to hear y’all speculating that Jar Jar has both books finished and is just sitting on both of them. I thought the same for a time. Alas, here we are. Another season of podcasts down, no books to show for it. Thank the gods you folks are here.

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