Games with Gold – June 2015

By Patrick Rankin on


It’s June nerds and summer is here. Well it’s here for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere…enjoy winter you dummies! Let’s welcome summer AND Microsoft’s June Games with Gold lineup!


XBOX ONE – The following titles will be available the full month of June


Pool Nation FX … again


Do you like pool? I freaking hope so because Microsoft is shoving this game down our throats for the third month in a row. PLAY POOL – ON YOUR XBOX! TRICK GENERATOR! PHYSICS! EIGHT BALL AND QUE BALL! ALL THE POOL ALL THE TIME FOREVER!


Massive Chalice


Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game developed by the great minds at Double Fine Productions. Tactical Strategy games are my favorite genre, having first fallen in love with video games while playing Final Fantasy Tactics. The voice acting is great, the art is in the wonderful Double Fine tradition and the gameplay is addicting. I would highly suggest nabbing it while it’s free. Or, you know, you could always play POOL NATION FX! AAA PIXEL PERFECT PHYSICS! MOST REALISTIC POOL SIMULATOR! POOL NATION POOL NATION POOL NATION


XBOX 360

Just Cause 2 – June 1 – 15th


With Just Cause 3 around the corner, Xbox is treating it’s faithful to a free download of Just Cause 2 for the first half of June. Set in the fictional Southeast Pacific island of Panau, Just Cause 2 was one of the finest open world games of last generation.  With tons of weapons, vehicles and open world absurdity, Just Cause 2 is nonstop fun for the low price of free. (well, free pending your Gold membership…obviously)

Thief – June 16th – 30th


The 2014 reboot of a classic stealth franchise. Only, the classic was way better. I mean, the game is free to download, awful critical reviews be damned. To be sure, there are some fun parts and it is certainly a game worth playing. It’s just nice that Microsoft put it in the proper price bracket.

That wraps it up for Microsoft’s Games with Gold for June. Check back tomorrow for PS+ June titles. Until then, POOL NATION! POOL NATION! POOL NATION! POOL NATION!

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