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About Michael DiMauro

Michael founded GeeklyInc with Tim Lanning way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Michael could have never imagined.


We have our finalized GC DIGI schedule, and we are very excited for our slate of panels and competitions! If you would like run or play any games during the completely free GC DIGI, you can set that up through our calendar at http://calendar.geeklycon.com!

The House Cup continues virtually this year! There will be three streamed competitions, and prefects will be in the twitch chat to hand out points and prizes! More on the House Cup here.

Saturday Schedule

All times are EDT join us at twitch.tv/geeklyinc

10:00 AM – Kickoff Show

10:30 AM – Drinks & Daggers: Allies Demo

Want to see the new expansion for Drinks & Daggers in action? Join Michael, Carly, and John Caulfield as we do a play through of the game with the new heroes and villain!

11:30 AM – How to (Not) Suck at Storytelling

Join Rick Heinz from Geek & Sundry along with other Storytellers (like Pat Edwards, Crystal Mazur, Michael DiMauro and others) for a panel on Game Mastering tips. Find your style, learn player agency, and learn why you should never run a dream sequence.

12:30 PM – Inside the Podcasters Studio: Tim Lanning and Veronica Brady

What makes your favorite podcaster tick? What inspires them? Where do they come up with this stuff? Join David and Mike as we continue our yearly tradition of interviewing luminaries of the podcast art, Tim Lanning and Veronica Brady, have some laughs, and hopefully learn something. Of course, our guests will have to answer the Pivot questionnaire… Don’t miss it!

1:30 PM – Basic Meditation: Calm Your Mind at Home When Everything is Falling Apart

Learn how to start your own meditation practice from home for both exercise and peace of mind. We will go over breathing technique, as well as moving and still exercises that can be done from standing or sitting.

2:30 PM – Cardboard Ruins – Inexpensive tabletop terrain

Demonstration of how to build a small ruin for use in tabletop games from basic materials. It will start with a review of materials and tools, and then a step-by-step guide of assembly, detailing, and painting.

3:30 PM – Men of Steel Discussing “Superman/Batman: Generations”

Case and Jmike, hosts of the Men of Steel Podcast, discuss the late 90s nostalgia trip, “Superman/Batman: Generations”, with Jonah and Kieran from Inks and Issues.

4:30 PM – Inks and Issues – What If Everything Was Age of Apocalypse?

Jonah and Kieran from Inks and Issues are joined by Pat from Let’s Rewatch to discuss what your favorite pop culture franchises would like if they received the Age of Apocalypse treatment and were turned into far future alternate time-lines. Edgy settings! Brooding characters! Spin-offs that have no bearing on the story! Come get Apocalypsed!

6:00 PM – Live Show

This year’s live show will feature Welcome to St. Paxton at 6pm, a spoiler-free episode of Greetings, Adventurers! around 7pm, and Brute Force around 10pm.

10:00 PM – Game Crimes Presents: 10,000 to Play Pit Fighter

Jay and Bachmann deep dive into the many indecipherable ways to play retro games in 2020 using the Super Nintendo as our case study. It’s more than just throwing an SD card in a Raspberry Pi! Join us as we talk about everything from upgrading original hardware and flash carts to FPGA and libretro!

11:00 PM – House Cup: Duck Game Showdown

For the first time ever, house leaders face off in what is sure to be an epic tournament for House Cup glory. Duck Game can be summed up as “Ducks running wild in a frantic battle for FAME and GLORY with an IRRESPONSIBLE NUMBER OF WEAPONS.” Participants include Michael DiMauro, Tim Lanning, Nick Bristow, Ivana Greenleaf, and Bijaya Shrestha!

Sunday Schedule

All times are EDT join us at twitch.tv/geeklyinc

10:00 AM – Pat and Gaelen invent Pizza Cereal (probably)

Pat Edwards and Gaelen Adric Izatt-Galloway III think that pizza cereal is a thing they can make and want people to witness their triumph and/or failure.

11:00 AM – Dear Internet Live

Watch the hosts of Dear Internet give out extremely good and useful advice. Featuring special guest Nika Howard!

12:30 PM – PotterPod Live: Kids on Brooms

Michael is going to run Bijaya and Sarah through an adventurer while they pretend to be wizards and witches. Featuring special guests Nika Howard and Michael Raquinio!

2:00 PM – The Conductors’ Seat

Michael DiMauro and Tim Lanning are joined by special guests Veronica Brady (Welcome to St. Paxton) and Connie Chang (Transplanar RPG) to discuss your GMing topics and questions!

3:00 PM – Geekly live doodle

Gaelen, Hugo, and Sander will draw audience requests for fun.

4:00 PM – Disable Your Table

A panel discussion / Q&A regarding disability and accessibility in online and offline tabletop gaming, hosted by disabled Geeklies and gamers.

5:00 PM – Safety Tools for RPGs

RPGs are so much fun and can also be a powerful tool to explore difficult content. But it can also cause trauma if player safety/consent for difficult subject matter is ignored. Join some of the cast of Explorers Wanted as they discuss the safety tools they use in games as well as providing a high level overview of some of the other popular and respected tools available. We’ll discuss approaches to using these tools at the table, digitally, and from a recording perspective. We may not be experts, but you don’t have to be to understand the importance of these tools, or to implement them responsibly.

6:00 PM – Editing Audio…a Discussion

Hiro Sutherland and David Stewart discuss audio editing.

7:00 PM – LaserHammer 3D

Don’t miss the third annual LaserHammer panel extravaganza featuring part time podcasters and full time best friends Adam Bash and Michaela Ray. There will be games. There will be stunts. Will there ever be a podcast? I don’t know, I’m just a narrator. It’s dangerous enough for me to break the fourth wall as much as I am right now, there’s not telling what will happen to me if I start answering your burning questions.

8:00 PM – House Cup: Skull

Champions will have a chance to bluff their way to House Cup glory with the deceptively simple card game Skull.

9:00 PM – House Cup: Trivia Murder Party

Champions will compete with Trivia Murder Party, a deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer.

10:00 PM – Wrap Up Show

The first Digital GeeklyCon comes to a close. There will be awards!

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