Geekly Random Encounters – Moon Cops 4

By Adam Bash on


Moon Cops Logo

Welcome to Arist├Žus, where a new face and a few new bodies join the team! We spend a little time talking about the map for this facility, so here’s your own personal version to follow along with!

Canonical to the SAYER universe, a new Moon Cops will come your way every other Friday. A new RPG system built from the ground up to keep mechanics away from roleplay, Moon Cops features Adam Bash as game master (as well as the voice of SAYER) and stars supporters from the SAYER Patreon.

This week we are joined by:
Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam) as Kyle
Matthew Morris (@matthewmmorris) as Ray
Fred Greenleaf (@IThinkImFred) as Alec
Michael Lane (@OneGamingLane) as Andrew
and Emily The Crafty DM (@TheCraftyDM) as Anthea!

The intro to Moon Cops is Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void / CC BY 3.0
The outro is As I Figure by Kevin MacLeod / CC BY 3.0

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