GeeklyCon 2015 Memories – Open Thread

By Michael DiMauro on

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Michael founded GeeklyInc with Tim Lanning way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Michael could have never imagined.



Most of the GeeklyConners are back home today, and missing all of our new friends. Let’s share our favorite memories in the comments while they are still fresh in our minds. It will be cathartic! For those of you that couldn’t make it this year, hopefully this thread will let you experience some of the joy vicariously.

If it is too daunting, just post about a single thing that you thought was fun!

We will send a call out for photos in a bit, so we will have a giant gallery for you soon.




  1. I will go into more detail in a moment, but my favorite memory is absolutely all of the amazing new people I met, and getting to spend time with some of my favorite people in the world. It was so wonderful getting a chance to hang out with you all, and I feel honored and unironically #blessed that you would come to Louisville and spend a weekend with us.

  2. The feels are still too fresh to get them down in any intelligible manner, but it was an amazing weekend, so many great people and not a single ‘bad egg’.
    You guys are great.

  3. Here is one to throw out there: In the Tribunal LARP, Ash emotionally attempting to sacrifice herself, and then Hiroshi being dragged out of the room by stone-faced guards while screaming at the top of his lungs is something I will never forget. It was crazy intense!

  4. I think the real best moment for me was on thursday when everyone came back from the bar and I met them. I was just instantly comfortable with EVERYONE and didn’t have to worry about being me. And just the random adventures, I’d be hanging out one minute and the next I was on a trip to 5 guys, or on the way to a bar, or dancing my butt off in the back room of a bar!

  5. How do I even choose one? The LARPs I had the honor of being a part of and the character commitment from everyone in both? The charitable spirit of all the Geeklies when we opened TWO impromptu charity drives (Nika and I can pull guys, we were around $700 in donations for The Trevor Project in less than an hour!)? The chance to meet so many people I have come to love over the interwebs face to face while making so many new friends? But for pure wit, I will go with Gwynn Walker killing the stage lights when Bachmann and Jenn tried thanking us for the work on the live show. The tech in me laughed so hard!

  6. Ok, highlights. The LARPS were definitely a huge highlight, being able to play two completely different characters in such different situatiosn was great. Incredibly tense for entirely different reasons.
    Another highlight would have to be my gangland style execution of Mike Bachmann for Assassin. Kerry holding Mike’s face in her hands pleading with him not to give up, almost heartbreaking, but it had to be done.

  7. Where to begin? Tim with a sword and shield tearing things up. The intrigue of the Tribunal LARP with its exciting and surprising conclusion. Bearing witness to the engagement of what I hope is a long and prosperous marriage. Lobby of Thrones.

    The best part? All of you. This community is a wonderful thing to observe. You’re accepting, caring, warm, generous, interesting, and absolutely hilarious. It was a pleasure spending the weekend with you. I can’t wait for the future adventures that await us.

  8. GeeklyCon was amazing. One huge highlight was the little time I spent with Mike Bachmann and found that he is as great in-person as online. And as a bonus, his wife is just as great!
    Dragging Hiroshi out of the Tribunal was a highlight as well.
    Now if only people knew me by my name rather than Twitter handle….

  9. I loved pretty much every moment of GC. Meeting all you lovely folks and getting to know you was great. Your generosity is unmatched…we raised $200 in 5 mins (and made me cry). Altogether, we raised almost $500 for Nepal Earthquake Relief. You all are awesome and I love your faces.

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