GeeklyInc Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Edition

By Steph Kingston on

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Konnichiwa bishoujo Senshi!  Welcome to the first episode of Geekly Inc Random Encounters: Sailor Moon!  Join the gang as they navigate the tricky waters of high school, boys, and fighting back the forces of darkness while playing Guardians of Order’s Sailor Moon RPG.

Your Scouts are: Dave Rollins (@BlackMagicBind), Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam), Ivana Sarmiento (@Arcanevice) and Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl) led by your GM Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston)

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  1. Havent been to forums in a year and I guess Ive been missing out. I got the game book way back in 99 and joined a yahoo group dedicated to playing. Then only 2 of us ever showed up and we never played

    Anyways hope you keep it up you got me to dig my copy of the book out

  2. Please please please keep this up!!! How much money do you guys want so I can be a main bad guy?!? Iv been a sailor moon fan since it aired in America in 94-95 and would love to help out with story line!

  3. K…I know nothing about Sailor Moon, but absolutely loved this! Steph, you are an awesome GM and ran the session (and the podcast) flawlessly. The chemistry of the whole party was delightful and I had a blast listening. Here’s my vote for more of this!!!

  4. Hey I have been waiting for some different systems to show up here on random encounters for a while, all the better that when it dose it is one that I am not familiar with and in a setting I have always enjoyed no less! Never been a “Die Hard” fan of SM but even from my limited memories of the show you have captured what caught my attention back when it was still on air, LOVE the music you added for effect. Im going back now to re-watch the series in my spare time, with luck I can enjoy another episode of this in the near future!(?).

  5. Please keep playing! The chemistry between the players was great and I loved the podcast. I was an avid Sailor Moon fan back in middle school and this is an awesome way to revisit that world.

  6. I loved this, good balance of game vs roles. I only watched sailor moon about 14 years ago, and I still enjoyed this thoroughly.
    Keep up the Nippon-speak, Kudasai!

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