Inks & Issues #104 – Maniac of New York

By Jonah Gregory on

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GeeklyInc's Comics Editor and host of Inks & Issues. Writer on SAYER seasons 1-3. I also love retro games, tabletop, and writing sci-fi stories in my spare time.

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New Years Even of 2016, New York City, Times Square… sure it sounds great on paper, but not when a maniac shows up and starts slashing people up! Four years and many murders later, two NYPD officers heading up the Maniac Taskforce are on the case. Faced with budget cuts, the mayor’s obsession with his new automated train, and general apathy, they try to prevent further destruction in a world that has mostly moved on.

Join hosts Jonah Gregory and Kieran Bennett while they take a deep dive into Maniac of New York volume 1: The Death Train!

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