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Our friends over at Dungeons Co. have some very exciting news…they have a Kickstarter going currently! From now until June 11th their Kickstarter for the companion to their popular Dungeons Box is live. You can now get the same amazing quality and design as the full size edition in a pocket version!

The Dungeons Box Pocket is the perfect gaming accessory to add to your collection. It holds one set of 10 dice, making this your first choice to grab when you are on the go to your next D&D game. Not only does it hold your dice; there is a slot to function as a phone stand (or hold on to that mini pencil you’ve been using all these years) and you can also safely pack away your miniature figure so that they aren’t damaged during the journey. When you get to the table the other side functions as a rolling tray. Familiar to anyone with the Dungeons Box, the Pocket also features strong inset rare Earth magnets that keep your items lock-tight and secure until you get to rolling. Dungeons Co. stands behind their products and protects each box with a lifetime guarantee so you never have to question quality. Each Pocket is made from bamboo, an amazing hardwood that is also extremely sustainable. So not only do you get to back a cool product; you get to help the environment!

The Kickstarter is live now until June 11th and there are still MANY tiers available to back with so many different options of Dungeons Box Pockets. Some options include natural, walnut, and redwood currently. However, they have some very cool stretch goals including Ebony (pictured in this article), Purpleheart, and Poisonwood! They also have special artist editions featuring the art from Jason Anthony. If you haven’t ventured into the world of gaming accessories, this is the perfect time. So head on over to the Kickstarter, pick your favorite Pocket version, and pledge today!

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