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I will start this by saying that absolutely no kittens were harmed in the making of this review, nor do any of us here at Geekly Inc. think that kittens belong in a blender – kittens belong in your home and on the internet.


Now that the disclaimer is out of the way and I assume that all of you dear readers will not put any kittens in a blender, let’s get onto the game review, shall we? Where to start?…well “Kittens in a Blender” is a very simple card game that you can play with up to three other friends (4 players total) and starts with each person choosing their color-coordinated kitten cards.  I always personally bogart the pink kittens because they are the cutest and have names like “Pancake,”  “Sugar Buns,” and “Ham Sandwich;” my inner food lover can’t help but want those kittens on my team. Once each player has chosen their kitten set, the cards are mixed up, each player draws 6 cards and on each turn can put down 2 cards to either move kittens or rotate the direction of the game/players’ cards.  The goal of the game is to get the most of your own kittens in the box and your “enemies'” kittens in the blender. The kittens can move from any direction (blender, counter, box, and any combination of the three). When a “blend” or “blend pulse” card is played, the kittens are locked into their location and are either blended or saved in the box, which places them in the bank. The game is over when all the blender cards have been used, typically resulting in games that last about 30 minutes or so.

So that all sounds easy enough right?!  It really is, but I find that the greatest thing about the game is the personal vendettas you form against other kittens.  For example, I absolutely HATE the kitten “Coolio”…I can’t give you a legitimate reason, all I know is that cat has the smuggest look and has to be guilty of scratching up something.  Also, if your friends are anything like mine, you will hunt out particular kittens or purposely play “Dogs in the Kitchen” (which changes your hand of cards) just to mess with people.  Oh, and another great thing…the “blend pulse” cards override all the other cards, so if you have the chance to blend a friend’s favorite kitten, take it.

Just a quick note learned through personal experience…DON’T play this with friends that really love cats. Sometimes it doesn’t end up for the best.  Also, trying to find pictures are near impossible, so just head on over to Amazon and buy the deck and expansion and enjoy those little kittens in all their glory.


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