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Loco Cycle is the next game from the crazy people behind the Splosion Man games. In Loco Cycle you play as Iris, a super advanced robotic motorcycle, turned sentient by a blast of lighting. On your  way out of the evil lab of Big Science, you entangle your mechanic and drag him along for the adventure. 

The game is the buddy cop storyline told so many times. The same old, sentient machine drags a human through the streets, fighting bad guys with motorcycle kung fu all the while, building a new friendship and with your spanish mechanic that you can’t understand. And of course there is another sentient motorcycle to mess up your day. A badass hog called “Spike”.


The game is an on-rails shooter/melee combat game. You fly along highways with only steering and boosting at your command. There is no brake in Loco Cycle. As you drive, you shoot the evil corporate suits with machine guns. When flying enemies are introduced, Iris can launch into the air for a fury of kicks and kung fu. You can expect plenty of new moves and upgrades as well while progressing through the game.

One of the new elements shown off this pax is what they call “cinematic sequences.” In these sections, crazy action happens while prompting context sensitive button presses to avoid destruction. The sequences shown were completely over the top and seem to break up the action quite well.

While the game appears to be a downloadable title, based solely on what I could gather of the scope, it is not confirmed as one. Either way, look for it this year coming to the Xbox 360.

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