Mount & Blade: Warband Clash of Kings Mod – Part 1

By Tim Lanning on

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Being in a Game of Thrones fugue state, I have been scrounging up all the ASOIAF content I can get my hands on. I heard about this mod for Mount & Blade: Warband that changed the whole dang game into The War of Five Kings! After I stopped freaking out about conquering the 7 Kingdoms I re-downloaded Mount & Blade (the whole series goes on sale all the time on either Steam or Amazon if you can wait) and installed the mod.

I gave myself a few starting goals since, man, M&B can be almost too open ended. My ultimate goal is to help the North either become its own separate kingdom or take over all of Westeros. My character would focus on blunt 1-handed weapons and hopefully crossbows. I would be playing with the “easy mode” saving option which allowed me to load a prior save in case I got into a bad bind. M&B can have a tendency to screw you over without a moments notice.

Unfortunately, I made my character a little too weak to be effective at slaying the various bandits that roam the lands of Westeros. And Gregor Clegane…I couldn’t hurt the Mountain that Rides. I guess I better find some better armor and weapons. Also, this is a lower point in my Mount & Blade knowledge, so please stop screaming at your screen at all the silly things I do. It will get better soon!

The below video was recording live over at, which explains why it sounds like I was talking to myself randomly.


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