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Overwatch has been on fire recently with their wonderful new characters and the start of the Overwatch League, but that doesn’t mean they are taking any time off from bringing fans the newest hero to join the roster: Brigitte!

It has been rumored for a few weeks now that a new hero was in development and with every new piece of information that Blizzard released fan theories came out of the woodwork. Have we seen this new hero before? Will they be a tank, DPS, support? Are they a cat? And now we finally have some concrete answers to whet our thirst.

Meet Brigitte! Brigitte is the newest hero to join the ranks of Overwatch as a support character. With new moves that allow allies to heal, enemies to be pushed away, and several ways to damage foes, Brigitte is likely going to be a support that blurs the line from squishy to semi-tank. Let’s breakdown her moves below:

      Her flail melee weapon allows her reach, to get foes without suffering the consequences of close range attacks

      Similar to Torb’s armor packs, Brigitte follows her in father’s footsteps and throws a “repair pack” to allies. Using the pack heals teammates and when they are maximum health provides them with an armor bonus.

      Using her flail as a longer ranged weapon, Brigitte deals damage to enemies and knocks them back in the process.

      Shield’s up for Brigitte as she used a held shield that will absorb damage and protect her team around her.

      With the use of her shield, Brigitte is able to quickly move towards an enemy and stun them for a short time. 

      Rally allows Brigitte fast movement and she boosts allies an armor bonus that lasts until it is overcome by damage. 

Blizzard Concept Art

Looking over her abilities, Brigitte seems to be a good mix of Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Lucio; and adding those similar abilities are already proving that she should be a very fun character to play! No official announcement made yet as to when she will be available on all platforms, but Brigitte is available for play on PTR today! 


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