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It has only been a few months since Sombra was released in Overwatch but we finally have confirmation of the next hero – Orisa. Initially teased over in the February 21, 2017 Overwatch blog, Orisa is the creation of the genius scientist Efi Oladele of Numbani. 

In Orisa’s introduction we learn that she is just a baby robot who just wants to help everyone out. Her “built from scrap” backstory ties directly into her mechanics. As a tank that is meant to anchor the team, Orisa has a variety of skills that look somewhat familiar but work in completely new ways. Check out her kit on the official Overwatch page for everything, but we see her use a shield, graviton charge and a drum that pulses with music that makes you kill better. 

I cannot wait to give Orisa a go on the PTR and I can only imagine how she will shake up the meta. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on Overwatch’s newest hero below! 

Update! Watch me play some Orisa on the PTR.




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