Pax Prime 2015: Minecraft Story Mode

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Telltale was in full force at Pax Prime this year, demoing the biggest franchise spin off yet, Minecraft Story Mode. Telltale is well known for its adventure game series, and its attempting to do the same with Minecraft, a relatively story free game.

This may be Telltales most creative ambition yet. Minecraft is a blank canvas for them to create something special. There aren’t any characters off limits like the Game of Thrones or walking dead franchise, so Telltales brand of tough choices can shine. Which is an odd thought for a game primarily aimed at kids.

The story, arguably the most important part of any Telltale game, seems fairly straightforward. Your character Jesse and friends are on their way to a convention, when you accidentally summon forth a giant monster set on destroying the world.

The game is running in Telltales adventure game engine, but it looks extra sharp for a Minecraft game. Don’t expect to run around mining for fun though. This is an adventure game where moving through the world and chatting with characters provides the action.


Playing through scenes of the first episode of the season, I was a little surprised to see that the kids who will eventually have to play this game, will need to make some tough decisions. Essentially choosing who to send to their deaths. Of course its not as gruesome as something like Game of Thrones. These events are played out in a typical Minecraft fashion, but it’s still nice to see, that just because its a kids game, doesn’t mean there isn’t real turmoil to your decisions.

One nice touch revealed at PAX prime is you’ll be able to choose a female lead as your main character. This apparently does affect the story, but its a nice touch for everyone playing the game.

Story Mode releases later this year, and be sure to protect your pig friend, he doesn’t like getting punched in the face.

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