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This fall, Microsoft is bringing out all the guns. Literally all the guns. Everything from the master chief story line is going into Halo: The master chief collection. Every multiplayer map ever released for Halo 1, 3, and 4. Every glitch and exploit. And of course every cheesy line of dialogue over Master Chief’s illustrious career.

This is all coming to you in a smoother 1080p 60fps package. At pax I got to go on hand with the multiplayer mode of the “revamped” Halo 2. I’ll be honest, I haven’t played Halo in a number of years. Halo 2 is a lot slower than modern shooters, a lot slower than I remember. This isn’t a bad thing as twitch shooters have become such common place, going back to the calculated pace of Halo was nice and only took a minute to fall back in line.


The map we played at Pax Prime was Lockout. The map is a complete remaster from the original Halo 2 and is gorgeous. New tweaks and spectacles are around every corner, and the first time I saw the glass encased flood, I stopped momentarily to admire it. I was then immediately killed but it was worth it.

The Master Chief collection comes out November 11th and the sheer variety of Multiplayer modes, games and maps will keep it in my console for the forceable future.

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