Pope Zone Episode 5 – The Fifth Episode

By Tim Lanning on

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pope zone cover

The Young Pope confronts a rival and LMFAO plays. 

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Your Young Pope Hosts are Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek and Ben Gibb. We are thankful for your listenership. If you have any questions or comments going forward tweet at us using the #PopeZone hashtag and we will see it!

The music in the episode comes is “Beat the Clock” by Max Cameron from the Young Pope trailer. This song is still amazing.


  1. My reaction to the LMFOA song was different I guess, that scene has to be the greatest thing I’ve seen on television in ages! It was so over the top that it completely has me hooked for the rest of the episodes. Lenny it at the pinnacle and he know’s it!

    Another thought about Lenny’s parents. They show them as long hair hippies, but they can also be seen as Mary and Joseph with their little Jesus. There is a story in the bible about Jesus as a boy leaving his family and they find him in a temple preaching. I think this is where the show is heading in some way. Lenny has some sort of supernatural power or connection to God. Maybe his parents left him at the orphanage for a reason other then they wanted to go to Venice. Just my thoughts …

  2. Forgot to mention Gutierrez. I think his second secret has something to do with a child. When he is having one of his visions, the Virgin says something to alongs the lines of the child is cared for and that the boy is now a man. She could be referring to him, but many not. Also, there is a scene where the nuns are playing volley ball and Gutierrez is distracted and leaves the pope’s side to look at a statue of a child that the nuns are playing near. Something is up with him and a child. Hmmm

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