Random Encounters – Monsterhearts Episode 4: Marco Polo

By Bijaya Shrestha on

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Join Kym, Bijaya, Nika, and Tara as they continue playing Monsterhearts, a game about “the messy lives of teenage monsters”. 

In this week’s episode, the power goes out at Rebeqah’s party and things get sexy as Lex and Rebeqah share a moment. Cora wanders around the mansion and Lex starts loosing it.

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Stranger(S) by LEA JAMES
Portasoul by STATE SHIRT


  1. Gamer girls are awesome! I love how much everyone laughs in this series even when everything is so, so wicked! Delicious! My Shazam app isn’t picking up the songs in the podcast but I MUST have them! Can someone make a playlist! Keep up the amazing storytelling!

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