Random Encounters: The Secrets of Cats – Episode 5

By Michael DiMauro on

About Michael DiMauro

Michael founded GeeklyInc with Tim Lanning way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Michael could have never imagined.



Join Michael DiMauro (@thriftynerd) as he GMs our lovable group of patrons (and Mike Bachmann@themikebachmann), through the Fate world of The Secrets of Cats.

This week we are joined by Cody Boker (@codedude3), Matthew Morris (@matthewmmorris), Courtney Spurlin (@C_A_Spurlin), and Matt Spurlin (@punk1290)!

Audio editing by the Ty Fuhrman (@Squat_Dinosaur).

The Secrets of Cats is an expansion for the Fate system written by Richard Bellingham. We are creating our own unique campaign in this world, but if you want to check out the rule set or play in the included ready-made adventure, you can purchase The Secrets of Cats on amazon!

Check out the new Secrets of Cats: Feline Magic kickstarter!

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  1. love the pod cast, but spaz with his blood lust should suffer from consequences as well. the Chip munk Union has risen up the demand equal rights as an agreement of employment. Freely killiing those kind hearted beedie eyed rodents to furfill his blood lust sort of subtracts from the story in a dark way, and though i love spazzz he shouldnt become a murder hobo

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