Sailor Moon 5 “Hallway of Terror! We’re Titling These Now!”

By Steph Kingston on

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Geekly's own International Woman of Mystery.


This time on Sailor Moon the gang has a heck of a time landing any damn hits on these monsters, and actually take damage for once.  Also we decide to start titling the episodes, but we’re pretty bad at it.  We also discuss our plans for Sailor Moon-ing at GeeklyCon 2016 in Portland!  Will the Senshi stop the evil game from taking over the minds of the world?  Will Sailor Rainbow continue to be totes adorable?  Will Sailor Sunshine figure out what “googling” means?  All this and more, to be revealed!

Your GM is Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston) and your players are Dave Rollins (@DaveRollinsArt), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam) and Ivana Sarmiento (@arcanevice).

Outtro music by Panerfan on Youtube.

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